Sometimes Getting Lost is the Best Way to Find Yourself

09 December, 2018
Getting lost feels scary, but sometimes taking a break and allowing yourself to wander is exactly what you need to get where you're going.

It’s normal for the mind to need to wander in order to organize ideas and thoughts. This can help you escape the reality surrounding you for a while. Sometimes the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself.

This means freeing yourself from certain bonds, asphyxiating surroundings and pressures that mount up stress and anxiety.

Getting lost isn’t synonymous with straying from your life path. Not at all. This is more related to rediscovering yourself because you had once been lost, because you stopped caring for yourself.

According to one interesting article published in the magazine Psychology Today, the brain needs to go on regular “brain vacations.”

This is an interesting concept that we all need to practice more often.

The keys are simple: take a step back from everything around you to give yourself an opportunity to discover new things.  This will help you access stimulating scenarios where you can discover more about yourself and who you essentially are.

Do you dare?

The courage to get lost and find yourself

There are those people that have never “lost” themselves, not even once in their lives. And whether you believe it or not, this is not healthy nor enriching. Your life cycle should never be a straight line that leads directly to a concrete and satisfying objective.

People generally tend to follow paths, forks in the road, wandering trails and even the wrong path. Sometimes you’ll even follow a veritable labyrinth until, suddenly – you find happiness, balance and satisfaction.

It’s normal to get lost several times in order to find yourself, or to rediscover who you are.

All of this is a valuable lesson. And you shouldn’t be afraid of change, because sometimes it can open new doors, where you’ll find more personal wholeness.

More maturity, more peace. This is how you find yourself.

Woman pointing at a sailing ship

When your current situation takes you from your identity

We all understand very clearly what our values are; what our limits, principles, needs and goals are.

But sometimes, all of these thing start to erode slowly, like the rocks on the beach that get molded by the ocean’s storms.

  • After all of this, it’s impossible to recognize your original being, your essence.  The same can happen to your self-esteem and personality.
  • Your work, family and relationship areas can sometimes create certain types of blackmail, pressure and direct or indirect manipulation, until slowly, you stray from your identity.
  • Recognizing this internal dissonance, between who you once were and who you are now, is definitely one way of opening your eyes and understanding that these situations can be very dangerous.

None of us can create everything we want at every moment. You all have obligations to live up to, goals to fulfill, and people to take care of.

But the key lies in balance, and in perceiving everything that you do, that you like, and that makes you feel good.

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Rainy day in the city

Getting lost to “disconnect” and reflect

There’s something you should keep in mind. People that suffer from long-term stress, suffer from heightened states of anxiety. They end up losing their grip on life, and fall into the hands of external pressure that could drive them to experience the following phenomenon:

  • The brain generally does not withstand such heightened states of stress. The effects of cortisol and neurotransmitters, like adrenaline, can cause memory lapses and even “disconnections” with certain moments in reality.
  • One example could be getting on the bus to go to work, and suddenly you don’t know what you’re doing there.  This effect could last just a little over a minute, or it could last hours. But it helps the brain to find peace.
  • Your mind, almost forced, invites you to slow your rhythm down and disconnect.

But before your brain does this traumatically, erasing your memory or creating lapses, it’s best to choose to act more naturally, preventative and wholesome.

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How to disconnect in a healthy way

This doesn’t mean you need to bust open your wallet and buy a plane ticket, or go to the first place that appears on the horizon. You also don’t need to distance yourself from everyone else and close doors that you’ll never be able to open again.

Woman swimming in a river to simbolize the proceess to find yourself

  • Getting lost to find yourself requires the appropriate preparation, because this isn’t a matter of running, but simply distancing yourself to heal. It’s normal to have a return ticket, for whenever you’re ready.
  • People that want to “get lost” need to make it clear as to what they are doing and what they need. “I want to spend a weekend alone, to relax, to think and to make decisions.”
  • Everyone around you will understand, and those that don’t, well that’s their problem. This means you need to make yourself a priority. Take time to be with the “self” that you have abandoned, left aside, and potentially even forgotten.

You lose yourself to grow stronger, to take your life by the reigns, to be more steady and secure.