Smoky Gold: Check Out the Latest Hair Trend for a Younger Look

Dyeing and cutting your hair to transform your image, without the change being too drastic, is one of the aims of the "smoky gold" trend. We invite you to learn more about this alternative to refresh your style.
Smoky Gold: Check Out the Latest Hair Trend for a Younger Look

Last update: 11 April, 2023

Youthfulness and freshness are the characteristics of the smoky gold hair trend. This pigmentation technique is accompanied by a haircut, which is necessary to complement the three-dimensional effect of the highlights.

It goes for soft golds, which can be applied to all shades, and the only condition is that the hair must be full. In this way, you can show off the style in all its splendor.

One of the favorite points of this dyeing is that it isn’t “married” to the blonde range, but varies between chocolates, caramels, and honey to illuminate the hair without modifying the base or root. Let’s learn a little more about the coloring method.

What does the smoky gold technique consist of?

To put it simply, the essence of smoky gold is that it consists of highlights in golden and blonde tones, although it can also try other palettes. But the purpose goes beyond that.

The aim of “smoky gold” highlights is to change the look in a soft, natural way. It’s combined with a layered cut to give the style more visibility.

For this purpose, warm smoky golds are applied that are far removed from yellow or orange tones. It aims more towards the ashy, brown and, in some cases, brown look. The technique is based on a 3-tone balayage, one of which is the natural base of the hair.

Smoky gold look.
The combination of different shades, including smoky blonde, creates a 3D effect.

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Benefits of dyeing and cutting hair in the smoky gold style

The Institute of Social Sciences and Project Disciplines in Spain revealed the following:

  • 30% of the sample considered in the study dyes only to modify the color.
  • 29% do so in search of a more pleasing image.
  • 19% resort to dyeing because of the appearance of gray hair.

All these advantages are achieved with smoky gold. This technique brightens the skin and makes you look more youthful.

With smoky gold highlights, you camouflage gray hair without resorting to dark tones, as these make it more evident. In fact, incipient gray hair tends to blend in with the highlights, so there’s no pressure to cover it up.

Other benefits of the trend are listed below:

  • Adds shine and light
  • Elegant gradient
  • The root is part of the coloring and you don’t have to change it
  • You add a golden touch without abandoning the brunette hair

This is how smoky gold highlights are applied

It’s important that the coloring procedure for smoky gold highlights is carried out by a professional stylist. Apart from preparing the pigments in the appropriate scales, they have the experience and training to advise you on the shades that match your complexion and the type of cut that will enhance the effect.

The smoky gold coloring technique consists of a series of steps:

  1. Pre-lightening: In some cases, a pre-lightening is necessary so that the tones settle better. Depending on the hair condition and the desired shade, the stylist will act accordingly.
  2. Balayage consists of the transition between shades, so that a smoky effect is produced. It works with 2 or 3 colors, making sure that the darkest remains in the upper area, while the lighter ones are left to blend towards the ends.
  3. Darkening from roots to mid-lengths: The most intense shade is applied in a sweep from roots to mid-lengths.
  4. Tinting at the ends: Also in a sweep, the lighter shade is dyed towards the ends, fading the area where the colors merge, so that the transition doesn’t look forced.
  5. Blurring: Just in the parts where the fusion is generated, the blurring and neutralization of the unwanted warm reflections is done.
  6. Settling: This is the 30-minute period during which the color penetrates the hair fibers and settles to transform the appearance of the hair.
  7. Rinse and cut: After washing with water, the hair is cut in layers to enhance the highlights.
Smoky gold style.
The styling needs the intervention of a professional stylist.

How to prolong the smoky gold effect?

It’s true that this type of coloring involves further visits to the salon to retouch or modify the color, but there are ways to extend the effect a little more than 3 months. In this way, the hair doesn’t lose the shine achieved with the pigments.

Among the tips for prolonging smoky gold are the use of a thermal hair protector before exposing it to straighteners and hair dryers, spacing out washes so that the hair doesn’t lose its natural oils so quickly and, above all, applying blue or purple shampoo.

According to a publication by Campus MTI College, these products act as color correctors that, in turn, moisturize and condition. They’re specially formulated for color-treated hair, so they’ll help you keep your smoky gold highlights for longer.

Now that you’re familiar with the advantages of this trend, are you ready to give it a try?

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