Six Outdoor Exercises for Couples

Better together. This saying also applies to physical activity. In this article, discover six outdoor couple exercises.
Six Outdoor Exercises for Couples
Karla Henríquez

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Last update: 12 May, 2022

Exercising as a couple isn’t only healthy. It can also be good for your relationship! This isn’t just a romantic theory. Studies indicate that couples who practice physical activities together have better relationships. Here are six great exercises for couples.

Exercises for couples: the benefits

A study conducted at the Department of Psychology at the University of New York through surveys and personal interviews found that couples who exercise together have better relationships and get along better in other life aspects.

It has also been shown that exercising with another person is an extra motivation to continue doing so. Not only that but it also improves the way people exercise, as one person can help the other.

In addition, a study published in the Journal of Social Psychology suggests that exercises for couples increase sexual and emotional attraction. Sweat and pulse and breathing acceleration stimulate the relationship. Physical activity releases serotonin and endorphins that cause happiness; in this case, shared happiness.

“When couples exercise today, they engage in non-gestural communication that establishes emotional complicity,” explains Theressa DiDonato, a professor of psychology at Loyola University Maryland, in the United States.

Six outdoor exercises for couples

Below, we suggest outdoor exercises for couples that allow you to enjoy all these benefits.


A couple doing acroyoga.
Acroyoga is a discipline that’s only practiced as a couple. It consists of highly coordinated exercises.

The poses are designed to be performed by couples. This physical practice is only suitable for people who already have experience practicing yoga or similar physical activities, as it requires coordination, strength, and balance. If you’re capable, it’s an extraordinary experience.

Acroyoga allows you to stretch more thanks to the complementary effort, as both partners need each other to complete the asana. These exercises strengthen relationships because they stimulate physical contact, teamwork, and mutual trust.

If you’re a yoga beginner, doing it with your partner can be a good way to start. Together, you’ll discover a new experience.

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A simple activity such as jogging is fun for partners to do together. You can go to a park or simply jog near your home. Jogging together will help you motivate each other and it establishes a commitment. This way, you avoid excuses to postpone the activity.

Maintain a comfortable pace for both of you to make it more enjoyable. You’ll see that it’s much more fun than jogging alone. Another great thing is that, if you take a break, you can use it to talk about the experience and give each other advice.

It’s even more challenging if you set goals. Fighting for common goals, like preparing for a marathon or a triathlon, reinforces the sense of cooperation and mutual encouragement.


A couple hiking together.
Discovering new routes together can be very rewarding.

Hiking or hiking through natural routes is a different and enriching experience. It’s the perfect aerobic exercise that allows you to breathe fresh air and revitalize yourself by being in contact with nature.

There are many hiking trails near every city. There are different difficulty levels depending on your physical condition or how much you want to exert yourself.

Put on appropriate clothing, wear sneakers, apply sunscreen and begin your adventure! Be sure to bring water and some fruit or light meals if you plan to stay long.

Hiking 0n different routes helps break the monotony and allows you to discover new places with your partner.

1-on-1 basketball

If you want to add some fun competition, you can play one-on-one basketball. All you have to do is get your hands on a ball and go to a park.

Basketball is an excellent cardiovascular exercise and works all your muscles, especially your legs, waist, and arms. If you want to add more fun to the mix, you can get together with other couples and play 2-on-2, 3-on-3, or even 5-on-5.


People kayaking in the river.
Activities such as canoeing or kayaking require a lot of coordination and are ideal to strengthen relationship bonds.

This is definitely one of the best exercises for couples. If you live near a lake or a beach, you’ll certainly be able to find a place to rent a kayak. Rent one for two people and start paddling.

This sport requires coordination and teamwork. It’s an excellent exercise for your arms, chest muscles, back, and abs. In addition, you also work your legs, even though you’re seated.


If you’re both at the same level, tennis is a great sport and adds a little competition to the mix. If you and your partner aren’t at the same level, it can be a little frustrating. But, in that case, you can find another couple and play doubles. You’ll surely have a good time while you exercise together!

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