Facial Shape and Your Personality

October 9, 2018
While it's true that we're taught not to judge by appearance, some people believe that the shape of the face is related to personality traits. Let's take a look at these claims.

Even though your personality depends on many factors,  there’s some speculation that some of these may be linked to facial shape.In spite of the fact that we’re taught not to judge people by their appearance, we can often feel like we know someone just by looking at them. In particular, you might be able to perceive aspects of someone’s personality just by observing the person’s facial shape.

Some psychologists argue that by observing the facial shape of a person, it’s possible to obtain relevant information about some of their traits. Speculation ranges from being able to determine a person’s educational level to their sexual habits.

It may be interesting for you to know that history tells us that the ancient Greek thinkers worried quite a bit about their appearance. Some philosophers felt that their appearance reflected the state of their soul.

Today, the topic continues to be a subject of interest.  Facial shape and its link to personality is included in the analysis of body language carried out by experts.

Here we’re going to share some ideas about what personality qualities facial shape might help identify based on the impression each facial shape makes on observers.  

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Oval faces

Oval facial shape

Oval faces have a high forehead and a jaw that is a little narrower than the cheeks.

As one of the the most common shapes, this shape is well-balanced. It has large features and is easy to analyze.

According to personality tests, many individuals with this type of face tend to be very correct and proper in their behavior.

They weigh the consequences and tend to say what society considers to be acceptable when making important decisions.

They come across as very happy.  At the same time, they can be rather timid with people they don’t know.

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Round facial shape

Round facial shape

The shape of the round face is almost as wide as it is long. This gives people the impression that you’re young and innocent.

Many people associate this shape with children. Because of this, they become confused and perceive the person to be too innocent.

Nevertheless, a person with a round face may be very secure, mature, and responsible in making the right decisions.

Regardless of what some people think,  these individuals are not necessarily immature. They can easily establish relationships, help others, and behave wisely.

Heart-shaped faces

Heart facial shape

This shape has features similar to that of a round face, but with more prominent cheekbones that expand when the person smiles.

To some, these visual characteristics are associated with friendliness and idealism.  

Some people claim that individuals with this type of face have a powerful inner strength that can easily be passed on to others.

Those with this facial shape may be creative, decisive, persevering, and willing to overcome fears when they strike out on a new adventure.

Long, narrow faces

Long narrow facial shape

This face shape is longer than it is wide and the chin may be fairly prominent.

Because of these characteristics, some people can become confused and think the person is very serious and has a bad temperament.

In spite of this, when you get to know them, these people might be as friendly as anyone else and full of positive energy.  They may also know how to socialize.

They can also take charge and tend to have leadership qualities.

Square faces

This face shape tends to be similarly wide and long, even though sometimes it may look longer than it is wide.

The forehead and jaw have sharp angles. A few people say that this can allow the person to be more expressive with their emotions.

Some people with this facial shape can be secure, intelligent, and one who has logical thoughts.

Althouth others perceive these individuals to be perfectionists and not very sociable, the truth is that you might just find an interesting soul if you give them the opportunity to establish a relationship.

Diamond-shaped faces

This is also known as a triangular face because the jawline is wide and the forehead is narrow.

The chin is narrow, slightly pointed, and tends to be somewhat angular and bony.

This shape is not very common and some may feel that it represents a mysterious or obnoxious person.

Others can have the perception that this is a manipulative person. They might surprise such people, though, as people with this facial shape may be fairly friendly when you get to know them.  

Many of these people have leadership qualities and are constantly successful.

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Color also matters

Other than the aspects mentioned regarding the shape of the face, some experts add that color also reveals something about people.

This does not have to do with race, but tones that the skin acquires that can give information about lifestyle.

For example, a healthy color could indicate that a person has a strong immune system and possibly has a good diet.

A pinkish color may indicate anxiety, but at the same time it is a sign of good circulation, fertility and an active life.

As you can see, your face can reveal more than you might think.

Which facial shape do you identify with?

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