Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyelids

April 9, 2019
Remember that a good appearance comes from taking care of yourself, so don't forget to sleep well and drink plenty of water!

Many people encounter puffy eyelids in the morning, when waking up. Others have them frequently throughout the day. It’s important to know that puffy eyelids are not just an aesthetic issue. In fact, they often reveal that your kidneys and liver are overloaded.

Generally, puffy eyelids can give you an unhealthy and tired look, although they can also indicate underlying health issues that you should be aware of.

In this article we talk about some natural remedies for puffy eyelids and also provide some recommendations to help balance the kidney and liver processes.

Overloaded kidneys may cause puffy eyelids

With a poor diet and excess consumption of fatty and fried foods, your kidneys can become overloaded and the body isn’t able to eliminate excess fluids properly. This can lead to fluid retention in different parts of our body, like the legs, face or eyelids.

When you wake up one day with swollen eyelids, we recommend drinking onion broth, until the body can remove this excess liquid.

To prepare it, you can boil two onions in a half liter of water for thirty minutes and let it rest another 10 minutes. It’s preferable not to add salt. However, you could add a splash of seawater, which despite having a salty taste helps to regulate body fluids due to all the minerals it contains.

Seawater can be purchased in natural and herbal shops, and in some supermarkets. In this broth, you could also add celery. Another alternative could be a horsetail infusion, which also has a potent diuretic function.

Infusion for puffy eyelids

Overloaded liver

When it’s our liver that’s overloaded your kidneys may have to work more and ultimately lead to swollen eyelids, since our organs are all related to each other. Therefore, we recommend you try to cleanse your liver from time to time.

Here’s an example of a one-day menu to cleanse the liver; you can do itonce a week, a month, or whenever you feel the need:

  • Before breakfast: A glass of warm water, the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Breakfast: A fruit smoothie with a vegetable drink, nuts and brewer’s yeast.
  • Brunch: Infusion of milk thistle and dandelion, optionally sweetened with stevia.
  • Lunch: Green salad with avocado, brown rice and lentils.
  • Afternoon: infusion of milk thistle and dandelion, optionally sweetened with stevia. Baked apple with cinnamon and honey
  • Dinner: vegetable creamy soup with oatmeal and a simple omelet.

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It’s important that you have dinner early, as late dinners contribute to overloading your liver.

Green salad

Cucumber slices for puffy eyelids

Cucumber, both consumed or applied, is a great diuretic, ideal for treating fluid retention. Besides having cucumber in salads or juices, we recommend spending about a half hour with two slices of cucumber on your eyelids. After fifteen or twenty minutes you can take them off and wash your face with cold water.


Raw potato

Raw potato is a great anti-inflammatory treatment. If you don’t have cucumber on hand, you can also choose to put two slices of raw potato on your closed eyelids for at least 20 minutes.

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Chamomile tea bags

This is another remedy to place on you eyelids for a while, which also helps to ease eye congestion when they’re red and irritated. Chamomile tea bags that have been used can be put in the freezer and applied on our closed eyes when they’re already very cold. Moreover, the pleasant sensation helps us relax later in the day.

Drinking a lot of water

We shouldn’t forget that the best way to remove fluid and help the kidneys is by drinking water throughout the day. Remember that warm or room temperature water is more beneficial for our body than cold water. You should drink it between meals.

If it is difficult for you to drink water, you can add a little lemon juice and stevia. This way it will be much more appetizing.

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