A Remedy to Reduce Cholesterol and Relieve Joint Pain

There are remedies to reduce cholesterol and joint pain made with natural ingredients. Here's a recipe for a remedy that can provide relief to such conditions.
A Remedy to Reduce Cholesterol and Relieve Joint Pain
Maricela Jiménez López

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Last update: 30 May, 2022

Too much cholesterol in your arteries and imbalances in your body’s inflammatory processes are conditions that significantly affect your quality of life so here’s a remedy to try to reduce it.

The number of people with conditions like hypercholesterolemia and rheumatoid arthritis has gone up and, unfortunately, continues to rise. While conditions develop differently in each individual, the most concerning thing is that people often ignore them until they turn into serious problems.

In general, people don’t pay attention to their cholesterol levels until it leads to a serious disorder. This is why you must take preventive measures such as adopting healthy habits and even using some natural remedies that can help prevent it.

Today, we’d like to take this opportunity to share a home remedy that contains a combination of ingredients that, according to popular belief, can be good for cardiovascular and joint health. All within a balanced diet, of course.

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A homemade remedy to reduce cholesterol and relieve joint pain


A bowl of honey.

The home remedy is a combination of common natural ingredients such as garlic, lemon, and honey. According to popular wisdom, it’s good for health.

For one, the main characteristic of all of these ingredients is their energetic and antioxidant value. Honey, in particular, according to a project conducted by researchers from the Universidad Distral José de Caldas in Bogotá.

Similarly, garlic contains sulfur that some believe to have a vasodilator effect that would help clean the arteries and control problems such as the accumulation of bad cholesterol (LDL) and hypertension. At least this is what this study published in Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición claims.

Furthermore, its vitamins and minerals promote blood circulation and some believe these can optimize the cellular oxygenation process. They can also help reduce the negative effects of free radicals.

According to some claims, garlic has an anti-inflammatory effect that has positive effects in people with joint ailments. They say it helps strengthen cartilage and ligaments and reduce the risk of premature wear and tear or injury when incorporated into the diet on a regular basis. Of course, it must be a wholesome balanced diet.

In addition, garlic seemingly has antibiotic and antifungal properties, so it’s supposed to be a good complement to strengthen the immune system. Also, it can increase the response to infectious agents, according to this study published in the Journal of Immunology Research.

Because of the nutritional value of its ingredients, some believe that the daily consumption of this home remedy can benefit your health. However, note that it isn’t a miracle cure for high cholesterol or other health problems. Thus, you must treat it as a dietary supplement.

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How to make it


When you make this homemade syrup, try to get 100% organic ingredients so that their nutritional properties remain intact.

For the honey, it’s especially important to check its quality, because some budget varieties are made with refined sugar and don’t have the same wonderful nutritional value. Keeping this in mind, the next step is to make the syrup.


  • 1 c. of organic honey
  • 12 cloves of raw garlic
  • The juice of 2 lemons

Utensils you’ll need

  • A glass jar
  • Mortar and pestle
  • A wooden spoon


  1. Sterilize the glass jar by boiling it in water and then, add the honey
  2. Peel and grind the garlic cloves with the mortar and pestle or a garlic press
  3. Once you have a thick garlic paste, mix it into the honey with the wooden spoon
  4. Next, squeeze the two lemons and add the juice to the garlic and honey mixture
  5. Close the jar and keep it in a cool, dark place for 48 hours
  6. It’s ready to use when the time is up

How to consume

  • According to popular belief, a spoonful before every meal will help you control your cholesterol levels
  • Take a tablespoon before breakfast, without food, and then again after lunch for joint pain or inflammation
  • Take a spoonful before breakfast every morning as a preventative method
  • Mix it with half a cup of warm water if you like
  • Taking more than the recommended amount will be counterproductive, so don’t

Final notes about the remedy to reduce cholesterol and joint inflammation

Are you ready to make this remedy to reduce cholesterol and relieve joint pain at home? Obtain quality ingredients at the place of your choice and take advantage of their properties in order to promote your overall wellness.

Keep in mind that this remedy isn’t a magical solution against ailments, only a complement to a healthy lifestyle and timely medical treatment.

Finally, consult a health professional for guidance and to provide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment, as well as to resolve any doubts you may have if you have any doubts about how to handle your cholesterol problems.

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