10 Reasons to Remove Your Makeup Every Night

Traces of makeup on your face can interfere with its oxygenation and regeneration capacity. In this article, discover other reasons to remove your makeup every night.
10 Reasons to Remove Your Makeup Every Night
Karla Henríquez

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Last update: 30 May, 2022

Makeup is still a very important part of most women’s beauty routines. In fact, many of its techniques have evolved to adapt to every woman’s needs. However, the residue it leaves behind is harmful. Do you know why you should remove your makeup every night?

Although many think that leaving their makeup on is a harmless habit, it can actually cause the appearance of blemishes such as spots and acne. While these effects aren’t immediately noticeable, little by little, they begin to cause discomfort, even generating irreversible scars.

Reasons to remove your makeup every night before bed

It only takes a few minutes and caring for your skin can make a big difference. Although you may ignore them, there are many reasons to remove your makeup every night, no exceptions. Do you know them? Below, we’ll explain the most important ones in detail.

1. You’ll keep your skin clean and oxygenated

A woman with clean skin.
Makeup components prevent correct skin repair.

One of the reasons why you should remove your makeup every night is that doing so is the key to ridding the skin of impurities. Although it isn’t always possible to notice it, there is a build-up of waste that can interfere with the cellular oxygenation process.

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2. It prevents premature aging

The particles of the chemical components of makeup can negatively impact skin health. If you don’t remove them before bed, they clog your pores and accelerate aging. Sleeping with clean skin is essential, as the body renews skin cells during the night.

3. Fights acne

Yes, it’s true that many factors affect the manifestation of acne. However, it’s essential to keep the skin clear to treat it.

Although makeup helps hide blemishes, you should remove it every night before bed. Facial cleansing prevents the symptoms of this condition from worsening, as it removes the impurities that build up on the face.

4. Avoids the appearance of dark circles

A woman who removed her dark circles.
Makeup darkens the eye area, favoring dark circles and eye bags.

Eye makeup usually leaves particles that increase darkening around the eyes. Thus, going to bed without removing your makeup can worsen dark circles. If you take a few minutes to remove your mascara and eye shadow, then you’ll begin to notice that your face looks fresher and younger.

5. Your skin will look brighter

Traces of makeup affect skin oxygenation and nutrition processes. Therefore, one of the reasons why you should remove your makeup every night is to preserve its glow. When you don’t remove your make-up, you may notice that your skin looks dull and dehydrated.

6. You avoid weak and brittle eyelashes

Traces of mascara cause dehydration and weakening of hair follicles. Because of this, those who don’t remove their makeup before bed often have brittle eyelashes. To avoid this, it’s essential to clean them with an appropriate product.

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7. You’ll care for the skin around and on your lips

A woman with chapped lips.
Lips chap due to the dehydration of the makeup in this area.

The skin around and on your lips is more delicate than the skin on other areas of your face. Thus, it requires extra care to stay hydrated and healthy. If you don’t remove your makeup, your lips lose moisture and tend to look dry or chapped.

8. You’ll avoid flaccidity

By limiting cell regeneration, the bad habit of sleeping with your makeup on leads to loss of elasticity and firmness. As a consequence, sagging increases and premature wrinkles appear. But, if you wash your face before bedtime, then you’ll preserve its softness and firmness for longer.

9. Prevents skin allergies

The accumulation of makeup particles on the skin can increase the risk of skin allergies. But removing your makeup every night minimizes the chances of suffering from dermatological problems such as dermatitis or eczema.

10. You facilitate your routine the following day

Finally, we should note that starting a nightly facial care routine can facilitate your beauty routine the following day. When you wake up with clean and renewed skin, it’s much easier to complete the moisturizing, toning, and makeup steps.

Are you one of those people who doesn’t remove their makeup every night? If your answer is yes, start changing this bad habit now. You can use conventional cleaning creams or oils. As you can see, sleeping with makeup on can be very negative.

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