Egg Cartons: 12 Amazing Ways to Reuse Them!

In addition to using egg cartons to make great gift boxes, you can create organizers and even decorative lamps with them.
Egg Cartons: 12 Amazing Ways to Reuse Them!

Last update: 30 May, 2022


The act of recycling has become an important household activity because it’s one of the most effective ways of reducing the amount of trash that pollutes the environment. In today’s article, we want to focus on egg cartons or crates, whose material especially facilitates the creation of useful and decorative objects.

Therefore, we’d like to ask you: Are you still throwing egg cartons in the trash? If so, try reusing them in some of the following ways instead.

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Twelve Amazing Ideas to Reuse Egg Cartons

1. Seed-Starting Pots

recycling egg cartons
An egg carton can serve as a potting medium for seeds if you’re trying to grow flowers or seedlings.

All you need to do is add a little fertilizer and the seeds you want to grow in each cup of the carton. Additionally, on the outer surface of each cup, you can write the name of the plant with a marker pen. In this way, you’ll have a dozen plants that are organized and labeled as soon as they germinate.

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2. Organizer Tower


If you stack several egg cartons, you can get a nice organizer for various items.

Be sure to decorate each carton to your liking using paints, ribbons or any other material you prefer.

Then you can use them to store stationery, jewelry, as well as other small objects.

3. Paint Container

paint container from egg cartons

Because an egg carton has numerous compartments, you can use it to make a paint palette for mixing purposes.

Add a little color to each section, and then blend them to achieve the palette you desire.

4. Sewing Supply Organizer


Sewing supplies tend to get lost easily because they are very small and are rarely kept in an organized manner.

In order to keep this from happening to you again, take an old egg carton and use each compartment to sort your needles, buttons, thread and any other items you use on a regular basis.

You could also apply this idea to store screws, nails, tacks and other household materials.

5. Small Ball Storage

ball storage

Small balls, such as the ones used for table tennis and golf, fit nicely in the spaces of an egg carton so that those objects don’t bounce away or get lost.

Use an egg carton this way, and you’ll know where to find them whenever you’re ready to play.

6. Decorative Lamps

DYI lamps

If you invest a little more time, then you can create a decorative lamp to keep on display.

In this case, you need to use a special adhesive to keep the lamp together.

7. Artificial Flowers

artificial flowers

If you take advantage of the shapes of egg cups, you can create beautiful artificial flowers for a special occasion or home decoration.

8. Gift Box

beautiful gift box

Instead of throwing them in the trash, add a little paint to your egg cartons and turn them into beautiful gift boxes.

Then decorate them to your liking and place chocolate eggs or candies inside for a special detail.

9. Condiment Bottle Storage in the Fridge

bottle storage

In order to keep your condiment bottles sorted in the refrigerator, place an egg carton on a door shelf and store them in it upside down.

Not only will this trick keep everything tidier but also it’ll help you use every last drop of condiment inside them.

10. Decorative Mirror


Another way to reuse egg cartons is by creating small petals and beautiful flowers to decorate the edges of your mirrors.

All you need is some decorative paint, a mirror and a glue gun. You’ll love how it turns out!

11. A Wreath for Your Door


A beautiful wreath can certainly give a touch of life to doors to the outside or garden. To make one, cut the cups from the carton as pictured and paint them different colors.

Use a glue gun to join the resulting flowers into your wreath.

12. Farm Fresh Egg Holder


When you save egg cartons, you can use one of them to store farm fresh eggs.

Local farmers will thank you because they’ll have to spend less money on the packaging of their products.

Do you like these ideas? Now that you know how you can reuse egg cartons, don’t hesitate to get the most out of them before throwing them in the trash.

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