How to Germinate Lemon Seeds at Home

Although it’s important to keep the soil moist once you plant your seeds, it’s not a good idea to water them too much as you run the risk of rot

Lemons are one of the most valued citrus fruits around the world thanks to their many uses in cuisine as well as their medicinal properties.

Their delicious sour flavor and high nutrient content make them an ideal ingredient for all kinds of recipes and meal plans.

One of the great advantages of lemons is that they’re very easy to grow and are available nearly all year round.

In fact, you can germinate a lemon tree from seed if you have enough space in your garden.

Lemon trees only bloom outdoors, especially if they’re planted in regions where the climate is warm and sunny most of the time.

They are a very simple plant to care for, and you don’t need to be a professional gardener in order to collect the fruit when it has ripened.

The easiest way to start growing a lemon tree is with a cutting from the root of a live tree. But as that can be more difficult to obtain, we want to share the steps for growing a lemon tree from seed with you in today’s article.

It’s a very rewarding and pleasant process, but bear in mind that your tree may not produce any fruit for between three to six years. Are you ready?

Materials you need to germinate lemon seeds

Lemon seeds can be grown in a pot at first and then transferred to the soil in your garden.

It can be a very long process, but the results are worth your patience.

You’ll need:

One lemon

2 lemons
To have any success germinating a lemon tree from seed it’s essential that you buy a lemon that’s 100% organic and free from any exposure to pesticides.

When they’re not organic this fruit is usually sterile, and no matter how hard you try it simply won’t grow.

If you have limited space or less than optimal climate conditions, we recommend choosing the lemon variety known as meyer. It’s a smaller species and is often used for ornamental purposes.

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If you don’t plan to plant the seeds directly in your garden, find a small pot with holes in the bottom for drainage.

Lemon trees prefer width over depth, so try to choose a pot that is wide.


3 planting tools
Try to buy organic soil and don’t forget to use a natural fertilizer.

Lots of sunlight

Lemon trees need lots of sunlight, especially when they’re just sprouting. If you decide to plant them in a pot, put it in a place where it receives a lot of natural sunlight.

Steps to germinate lemon seeds at home

Step 1

4 soil
To begin, add the soil to your pot and moisten it with water until it’s damp.

Step 2

Leave a few centimeters of space from the top of the soil to the lip of the pot.

Step 3

5 seeds
Cut the lemon in half, remove the seeds, and suck on them until the flavor is gone.

Be sure the seeds are very moist to help them germinate better.

Step 4

Make a small 1 inch hole in the soil, add the lemon seed, and cover it with soil.

Step 5

Add some water to a spray bottle and moisten the soil around the seed.

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Step 6

Cover the pot with some light and breathable plastic to protect the moisture of the soil. You can either choose some plastic wrap or a bag with small holes in it.

Step 7

6 light
Store the pot in a warm place where it will receive the maximum amount of sunlight.

Step 8

After this point, check to be sure the soil is moist at all times.

Avoid exposing the seeds to excess heat or moisture, however, because it can cause them to rot.

Step 9

After two or three weeks you’ll begin to see the seedling of your lemon tree break above the soil. At this point you need to remove the plastic cover to allow it to breathe better.

Step 10

7 trees in pots
Check on your plant every day, keeping pests away and adding a good amount of organic fertilizer to nourish it.

Once it’s grown bigger you can transplant it to your garden and continue to monitor its growth.

Because the first seed doesn’t always germinate, we recommend you plant several at one time. This will give you better chances of getting your prized lemon tree.

Give it a try!

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