How to Grow Tomatoes at Home

· March 16, 2016
Avoid using soil from the garden or around the yard because it could contain pests and diseases that will harm your future plants. Your best option when growing tomatoes at home is to acquire fresh topsoil.

Tomatoes are an essential component of one’s diet because in addition to lending various dishes a delicious flavor, they also have high nutritional value that provides significant benefits to the body and overall health.

While they’re readily found in stores and markets, sometimes tomatoes can be expensive and of poor quality. Fortunately, like so many other foods, it’s easy for you to grow tomatoes at home and you can plant enough to have an endless supply – that you know will be of the highest quality.

When you grow your own tomatoes you can guarantee that they’re free from pesticides and other chemicals that are used in commercial growing operations to keep them fresh longer. It’s also very cheap, and you ultimately get 100% organic, fresh, delicious tomatoes at home.

In today’s article we want to share some simple tips for growing your own organic tomatoes at home in pots that you might already have around the house. Pay attention to every detail to ensure your crop is successful.

Use the right kind of pot

2 pots
The pot you choose is one of the most important factors to ensure the success of your tomato plants. The larger it is, the more likely you’ll have good production.

Of course, there are advantages to planting a garden, terrace, or patio where you have lots of extra space. But even without such luxuries, you can use large pots.

  • In general, we recommend using a pot that’s at least 20 inches deep, with a proportional width. That will give the roots enough space to grow.
  • Containers made of plastic are easier to move around.
  • Finally, place a bowl or shallow dish underneath the pot to collect any water that drains out.

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Ensure your pot has good drainage

The drainage of the pot is another important factor that’s worth remembering. There should be holes in the bottom to facilitate good drainage and keep the soil from accumulating too much moisture.

To keep the soil from coming out of those holes, you can place a small screen in the bottom of the pot.

The right kind of potting soil

3 potting mix
It’s a good idea to avoid using soil from your yard or garden, because it could contain pests or diseases that will harm your plants.

A better option is to mix 60% coconut fiber with 40% vermicompost.

How to plant tomatoes?

4 tomato plants
Once you’ve purchased tomato seeds or germinated plants from a garden center, you can plant them in your prepared containers.

  • First, fill a third of the pot with the potting mixture we recommended above.
  • Place your germinated plant into the mixture, then add more potting mix until it’s up to the base of the plant.
  • Gently pinch the soil around the plant so it’s stable.


The first time you water your plants it should be very thorough, ensuring that the soil is very damp. Avoid getting the leaves, stems, and base of your plants wet.

After this, only add water to the potting mixture according to how much moisture it retains. It may not be necessary to water them every day.

Check the potting soil closely and ensure that it stays slightly damp. Avoid overwatering your plants, because too much moisture can cause its own problems.

Plant stakes

To ensure your tomatoes at home grow properly, it’s important that you provide support as they get taller. A plant stake will help them stand tall and straight.


After two months, start using fertilizer to ensure a full and plentiful harvest.

You can buy organic fertilizers at any garden shop, and the label should tell you how much to apply to your plant.

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Tomatoes ripen slowly, and that’s when you’ll start picking them. Still, some tomatoes will fail to mature fully on the vine, and in that case it’s best to go ahead and cut and store them in a cool place until they’re ripe.