How Coconut Oil May Reduce the Risk of Grays and Hair Loss

16 October, 2018
Besides nourishing your hair, applying coconut oil helps to fight infection and inflammation. Did you know that coconut oil may reduce the risk of grays and hair loss?

When time takes its toll on your body, different things start to happen. Hair loss is one of them, as is the appearance of gray hair. Have you heard about how coconut oil may reduce the risk of grays and hair loss?

Indeed, these two changes come along with wrinkles and a whole host of things as your body ages. The stress of everyday life and aging also end up triggering stress or anxiety, which are associated with the appearance of gray hair. Find out how coconut oil may reduce the risk of grays and hair loss.

Why do we get gray hair?

Older couple smiling and hugging

Gray hair is seen as “unsightly” for many people who look for any way to prevent its appearance.

However, these whitish glimmers in your hair don’t show up just because of age or stress (as many can confirm).

The reason is a little more complicated than we think:

  • Firstly, we begin noticing gray hair thanks to a loss of melanin. Melanin decreases with age. But you can also start losing it earlier, even before your twenties. Melanin is in your scalp in your hair follicles. They can develop problems and thus foster the appearance of grays.
  • Secondly, medical science has established hydrogen peroxide (in hair bleach) directly affects the production of melanin. An excess of hydrogen peroxide is produced when there aren’t enough antioxidant enzymes to break it down into water and oxygen. This can also cause gray hair to appear.

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Why is my hair falling out?

Woman gawking at hair loss

A moderate amount of hair loss is normal and is due to the renewal of the epithelial tissue. However, people start to worry when they don’t see their hair coming back.

You can tell when this happens as your scalp becomes more visible.

Hair falls out for many different reasons. Here are the main ones:

  • Inadequate diet
  • Poor hair care
  • The flu
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Hypothyroidism

Bad solutions

Many look for ways to solve these tricky hair problems. However, it’s not about wanting to fix the hair loss and gray hair problems, it’s about how to approach them.

These people fall victim to worrying and the cosmetics industry. As such, they tend to turn to chemical products.

These products may offer results, but they also tend to have side effects.

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How coconut oil may reduce the risk of grays and hair loss

Reduce the risk of grays and hair loss with coconut oil

Try your best to avoid these harmful solutions. Natural alternatives can help to address these problems. In addition, there are other options that are better for your health.

In this case, it’s coconut oil.

Coconut oil nourishes the body with all kinds of benefits. This fantastic oil is great for:

  • Combating stress
  • Preventing the buildup of bacteria and viruses
  • Supporting digestion
  • Caring for your skin
  • Controlling cholesterol

And of course, the most important benefit of this article, coconut may reduce the risk of grays and hair loss.

Moreover, using coconut oil on your hair fights infections and inflammation in the epithelial tissue. As a result, it strengthens hair and prevents hair loss.

It also supports hair color maintenance. This makes hair dye and other chemical options less necessary.

Now, let’s take a look at the recipe for this great, natural remedy.


  • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil (45 g)
  • 2 tablespoons of sage essential oil (30 g)

Preparation and application

  • Firstly, mix the oils together in a small pot or pan.
  • Then, heat over low heat until well mixed.
  • Once done, let cool to room temperature.
  • Then, apply to hair from your roots to your tips and cover with a shower cap. Finally, let it work overnight.

Give it a try and see the results for yourself!