Possible Foot Problems Caused by Flip Flops

The use of flip flops has some disadvantages: they do not cushion the impact when walking, which generates pain in your legs. In addition, your feet are vulnerable to injuries and bites.
Possible Foot Problems Caused by Flip Flops

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Flip flops can have different names around the world, but the problems that they can cause the feet are the same everywhere.
Since antiquity,  shoes  of this style have been used for their comfort, softness and breathability. This style of shoes was even warn in eastern and western cultures, in Japan, Egypt, Greece and Rome.
Currently, one of the most famous footwear in the world is the Brazilian Havaianas , a firm and lightweight EVA rubber slipper class that was internationally successful for its diversity of models and colors. 

No matter where they come from or who is wearing them, however, flip flops may not be the healthiest type of footwear.

The problems of wearing flip flips too much

1-Lack of impact cushioning

Person Barefoot on the Beach

When you take a step, this generates a force. It’s basic physics.
What does physics have to do with beach flip flops?
When walking, an impact is generated. This impact is only for your feet, but for the whole body. 
However, flip flops are not able to cushion the impact of walking, especially when you step on harder surfaces such as asphalt. The rubber sole is not enough to protect your feet and support the weight of your body.
In addition, beach flip flops have a totally flat form, which can lead to bad walking habits. It’s common to see people shuffling when they walk with flip flops. After all, these shoes do not stay on the feet, nor give stability to the feet.
The result can be progressive pains in the muscles of the leg, in the back, and in the hip.
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2-Lack of protection for your feet

Person stretching their feet during yoga

Another issue has to do with how exposed your feet are when wearing flip flops. The structure of these shoes is so simple and light that they offer little or no protection.
Because of this, your feet are vulnerable to injuries, burns, stings and various natural factors. This is particularly relevant considering that we usually wear them in the summer.
Additionally, the beach, pools and clubs are public. That means that the risk of coming into contact with microorganisms is considerable. Flip flops don’t cover your feet, but leave them totally exposed to any kind of contamination.
In more extreme cases, the impact and excessive exposure can affect the nerve endings contained in your feet. This can generate problems in your nervous system, in the thermal regulation of your body, and in your general well-being.
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3-Skin diseases and mycosis

Foot Fungus

Some diseases are more typical in the summer. The warmest season of the year brings some risks thanks to excessive exposure to the sun, humidity and topical microorganisms of some summer regions.
Another classic problem of the summer is the growth of fungi thanks to heat and humidity. These cases multiply on hot days.
However, specialists don’t always agree on the role of flip flop when it comes to foot fungus.
Some specialists are inclined to favor the use of beach flip flops in summer, as they provide breathing and fresh air to the feet. According to them, wearing flip flops is favorable because it helps dry the feet and prevents direct contact with the microorganisms in the sand.
Other researchers prefer not to recommend the use of flip flops thanks to the exposure of the foot to various microorganisms present in water and sand. They also reaffirm the risk of skin cancer because of the excessive exposure to solar rays.
Considering that the main objective of shoes is to provide support and protection to the feet, beach flip flops fail enormously.
But with good hygiene and the use of adequate factor sunscreen, it’s possible to enjoy the summer without causing too much damage to your feet.

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