6 Positions to Get Pregnant

In the following article, we'll tell you the best positions to get pregnant and have fun with your partner in bed. Don't miss it!
6 Positions to Get Pregnant

Last update: 26 May, 2022

The best positions to get pregnant can be included within a healthy lifestyle to increase your chances of getting pregnant. However, when trying them, there’s one thing to keep in mind: you have to enjoy the process and not just think about the goal!

Many times, couples get so overwhelmed with the idea that they want and must conceive a baby after sex that they simply don’t enjoy the encounter to the fullest. They try all the positions, but their mind is so focused on achieving the baby that the longed-for magic doesn’t really happen.

So, in addition to incorporating the postures, you have to know how to enjoy them and live in the moment. The more relaxed you both are and the more you enjoy the process, the better the sex and outcome will be!

What are the best positions to get pregnant?

As we’ve been saying, to get pregnant, you have to allow for spontaneity in sexual encounters .

Keep in mind that “making a baby” does not have to be an obligation or a commitment without any element of enjoyment and with the stress and anxiety of a self-imposed deadline. If so, the issue could become somewhat complicated and take longer than expected, which in turn can generate more anxiety and frustration.

So, there’s no need to let go of the pleasure and enjoyment with your partner while trying to become parents. On the contrary, let yourself go and experience the adventure with love. To do this, you can rely on the following positions to get pregnant.

1. The missionary position to get pregnant

Having sex can boost the body's immune system
Interestingly enough, sex is also beneficial for stimulating your immune system.

The missions position is one of the most famous positions for making love. It’s also one of the most romantic positions because the couple can look each other in the eyes and can tell each other what they feel, kiss, or express affection at all times.

It’s one of the positions recommended by the American Pregnancy Association. For practical purposes, this position in which the woman lies on her back allows the cervix to be tilted in such a way that the sperm can better travel to meet the egg.

In fact, it’s believed that to make this position even more effective, you can place a cushion under your hips. On the other hand, after sex, you can also try to stay in this position for a while with the pillow still under your hips.

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2. The anvil position to get pregnant

“The Anvil” is a variation of the missionary. It’s designed for more athletic couples, because it involves some acrobatics in bed!

For this position, the woman is positioned on her back and the man squats in front of her. So far, everything seems easy, but then it gets a little complicated. She must then raise her pelvis and legs so that her feet are at head height. Her thighs should rest on the waist of the man, who must place his hands on his partner’s legs to support himself.

If you can support this position during climax, the sperm is directed quickly towards the uterus, and your chances of getting pregnant can increase.

3. Doggy style

Reloj con posturas sexuales
The “doggy style” position can be found at 7:00 on this position clock. 

“Doggy style” is another one of the most common positions to get pregnant. Since the woman is on her hands and knees (i.e., “on all fours”), penetration is deeper with this position. Then, when the man finally ejaculates, the sperm will be as close as possible to the cervix, which can increase the woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

According to popular wisdom, because of the position the woman adopts, the uterus will be “more willing” to receive the sperm. The cow-cat yoga poses can also be an interesting source of inspiration here!

4. The triangle missionary position to get pregnant

Just as “missionary” is one of the postures for getting pregnant, its variations can be as well.

The “triangle missionary” position is performed in almost the same way as the standard posture, but in this case, the woman lifts her pelvis a little higher. In turn, the man bends his knees to be a little higher and this allows for extra contact with his partner.

If you want to try this position, keep in mind that you can help yourself with some cushions to maintain the position for the duration of the sex.

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5. “The spider lying down” position

To perform this position, the woman should lie down towards the edge of the bed, so that her legs are in the air and wide apart. Then, the man kneels or stands in front of her and penetrates her deeply.

To make everything more comfortable for both of you, it’s recommended that your partner places a blanket under your knees and that you place a cushion on your hips.

6. The “spooning position” to get pregnant

Get pregnant with the spooning position

Finally, there are some who believe that when practicing this position, the cervix “approaches” the sperm due to the position of the pelvis (which is on its side). Therefore, the chances of getting pregnant in this posture may be higher.

The spooning position has several variations and all of them can help to enjoy a good sexual encounter. For example, there are variants in which the woman has her legs bent in a certain way, or stretched, etc. You just have to add a little imagination!

When doing the spooning position, the best of all is that a woman can also receive all kinds of caresses and stimulations from her partner, which can be very exciting. Therefore, you can have a wonderful time if you dare to try it!

The most important part of sex is to enjoy it

Try all these positions to get pregnant and find out which goes best with you. Also, remember that the key is to enjoy sexual encounters full of love and pleasure.

Remember that having a baby does not have to be an obligation or a task to be marked on your calendar or carried out in a certain way. Spontaneity must be present, as well as enjoyment and relaxation.

Of course, in case you have concerns, you can always consult a specialist.

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