Plants that Help You Quit Smoking

· August 18, 2014

Smoking is one of the worst habits for your health, but its addiction, the dependence that nicotine causes, and all of its carcinogenic ingredients make you continue being a slave to cigarettes every day, setting your schedules and your habits and decreasing your health little by little.

Quitting smoking requires a lot of willpower and clear personal determination to stop this habit and begin a healthier life in which you will alleviate all of the side effects that tobacco causes. In order to do that, you will need the help of a professional, your doctor, or simply personal motivation because you make or break the statistics that say that there are many people who have been able to stop smoking by themselves. Willpower, perseverance, and the need to lead a healthier life should be the fundamental pillars to establish your determination, especially if you smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day.

The plants that we will tell you about next may help you alleviate your urges, relax you, and tone down withdrawals. They are easy to find: you can buy them in your supermarket or herbal shops. Their preparation is also simple, just include them in your diet everyday, and especially try to change your habits, exercise, and fight, more than anything, against those urges to lunge for the first cigarette of the day after barely waking up.

Passiflora or Passion Flower

Some of the virtues of this beautiful flower are slowing down withdrawals, relaxing you, and helping you rest. To prepare passion flower, it is recommended to use both its petals and fruit in dry form. Use a spoon to collect several of its petals and fruits and bring them to the teapot with boiling water. After, let it sit for 10 minutes.

You can take it before going to sleep. You will rest better and wake up relaxed.


Licorice has been used for many centuries as a tobacco substitute. Chewing its root gives you huge physical and psychological benefits, relaxes you, and its components not only alleviate withdrawals but also help you prevent skin cancer as well. It is a plant with limited toxicity, although it is not beneficial for diabetes since it interacts with certain medications.

You can consume it in various ways: in powder form and in an infusion, in a decoction, simply chewing its root, or even taking licorice pills that herbal stores sell.



Ginger has huge health benefits, especially for your digestive system. Therefore, it can be very common in many culinary recipes and natural medicine concoctions. The part of this plant that is usually used is its rhizome or root, making it great to drink in a tea or infusion.

Ginger helps alleviate your urges to smoke and, just like licorice, it leaves a satisfying sensation on your palate due to its strong flavor, which will distract you from your urges for a cigarette.


It is an excellent medicinal plant with very characteristic fruit and is now used in a lot of old cultures as a remedy for many diseases and illnesses. In your case, it is best to use noni’s dry leaves to make infusions to help you stop smoking. It doesn’t only allow you to relax and fight withdrawals, but it will also help you rest and improve digestion.

By telling yourself from now on that your willpower is essential to free yourself little by little from this dependence, you can start to limit the number of cigarettes day, exercise, watch out for those moments that you know you need that expected dosis of nicotine: when you wake up, after eating, when you drink coffee, when you meet with family or friends…  Medicinal plants will always be a great partner for you, but your willpower is your main personal to free yourself from nicotine.