A One-Month Lemon-Celery-Green Apple Cleanse

19 February, 2021
You can do a cleanse with ingredients rich in water, such as lemon, celery, and apples. This is because these have a diuretic effect and thus help expel retained liquids.

Lemon, celery, and green apple combined in the same drink make for a delicious cleanse. In addition, this drink helps hydrate the body, promote intestinal transit, and eliminate retained fluids. All of this promotes the deflation of the belly.

You can reduce body volume by eliminating retained liquids. You might want to include beverages with diuretic properties in addition to the water you drink every day. There’s a recipe below.

Lemon, celery, and green apple make a great cleanse

Various natural beverages can support diureses such as herbal teas with peppermint, mint, pennyroyal, horsetail, and also green tea, pineapple juice, melon juice, watermelon lemonade, and various shakes.

The blend of lemon, celery, and green apple is refreshing and thus, perfect for the hottest months of the year or just to hydrate after exercise. Best of all, you can easily adjust the flavor to suit your preferences, depending on the type of apple you choose.

For instance, green apples will give you a more acidic drink while red apples make it a sweeter taste.

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An array of halved lemons.

Lemon is a citrus that’s well known for its vitamin C content. Furthermore, it also provides soluble fiber (pectin), organic acids, and flavonoids according to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN).

You can use the juice and the zest of its peel (in small quantities) in juices, shakes, vinaigrettes, desserts, etc.


This vegetable is a high source of protein, flavonoids, and potassium, to a lesser extent, according to FEN experts. In fact, it’s one of the lowest energy sources available along with cucumber.

Celery is largely made up of water, so it’s great for improving kidney function and promotes the elimination of retained fluids.

Important note: celery contains oxalates, so people with a tendency to develop kidney stones should be moderate in the consumption of this vegetable.

Green apples

A close up of green apples.

FEN authorities state apples are rich in dietary fiber (both soluble and insoluble). Additionally, this fruit can contribute a certain amount of flavonoids, procyanidins, organic acids, potassium, and vitamin C, which contribute to the total diet.

In addition, it’s suitable for the digestive system as it helps you feel fuller, regulates intestinal transit, and decreases fluid retention.

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A lemon-celery-green apple cleanse

Green apple juice.
You can combine the benefits of these three cleansing foods by making a delicious smoothie:

Ingredients for 1 person

  • Half a lemon
  • 1 green apple
  • 3 c. of water
  • The leaves from a celery stalk


  • Firstly, wash and drain the lemon well; also, grate some of the peel and set it aside
  • Then, squeeze the lemon and reserve it
  • Wash, drain, and cut the apple into cubes, you don’t have to peel it
  • Wash and slice the celery
  • Blend all of the ingredients with a little bit of water
  • Serve and consume it
  • Add some ice if you like

Final considerations for the lemon-celery-green apple cleanse

  • Drink the shake as part of a meal or snack, never as a substitute for these
  • Add honey if you need a sweet touch, but in moderation
  • Avoid large quantities of this drink as the acidity of the lemon can lead to stomach discomfort
  • The experts of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity say you must consult a doctor and follow their indications if you’re trying to lose weight

Finally, keep in mind that you don’t have to follow a specific diet with an apple to “cleanse the organism.” All you have to do is adopt a healthier lifestyle that includes a wholesome diet and keep it up.

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