Natural Remedies for Voice Loss

· July 13, 2014

Common causes

  • Speaking with a voice much louder than normal
  • Inhalation of tobacco smoke or other irritative gases
  • Ingestion of irritative or toxic products
  • Coughing or hoarseness
  • Singing with bad technique
  • Lesions in the vocal chords (nodules or polyps)
  • Sicknesses of the respiratory tract
  • Extreme temperatures (the ingestion of extremely hot or extremely cold beverages, extremely cold weather, etc.)
  • Breathing badly (for example, breathing through your mouth at night)
  • Emotional or nerve issues

If aphonia persists more than 3 or 4 days, it is recommended that you consult with an ear, nose, and throat specialist so that they might examine your larynx and rule out other causes.

Once the cause has been identified, and of course always following the treatment prescribed by your specialist, there are some small tricks that can help us improve more quickly. In addition to getting rid of everything that might aggravate the inflammation (tobacco, alcohol, etc.) we should try to make sure that the neck is adequately warm, taking care especially during cold weather to cover it up appropriately.

To follow, we will be discussing some natural foods and supplements that can help hasten improvement. People for whom daily use of their voice is essential (professors, speakers, singers, radio announcers…) should consume these daily.

Natural rememdies

Ginger is a highly-recommended food for the care of our vocal chords. You can consume it fresh, as an infusion, dried, or candied. You can also apply it to the neck in the form of essential oil (diluted a bit with almond oil).

Antibacterial onion and brown sugar syrup: Boil two onions with half a liter of water for twenty minutes. Add two or three tablespoons of brown sugar to the liquid that remains. Take it in gulps throughout the day.

Thyme infusion: thyme has many properties and in this case it is most easily taken advantage of when prepared as an infusion, together with the juice of half a lemon and sweetened with honey. This is also great for gargling.

PropolisThis natural antibiotic can be taken with hot water throughout the day.

Sage and plantain infusion: these two plants are rich in plant mucilage, a type of soluble fire with emollient (softening and smoothening) properties and that repairs mucuses. Prepare an infusion for drinking and gargle.

Olive oil, honey, and lemon: Mix a tablespoon of olive oil (extra virgin, cold-pressed), a tablespoon of lemon juice, and two tablespoons of honey, and take a dose of one tablespoon four times a day, throughout the day, until improvement is noted.

Agrimonyan excellent plant that smooths the voice and clears the throat. Take it as an extract or an infusion. It can also be gargled.

Licorice: this root helps to expel phlegm and lower the inflammation of the respiratory tract. It can be taken as an infusion (it will need to boil for a while if the root is thick) or in natural pills that we can find at Whole Foods. Licorice is not recommended for people that suffer from hypertension.

Stretching of the vocal chords

One interesting and surprising exercise that helps to quickly lower inflammation of the vocal chords consists of grabbing the tongue (with a clean cloth) and stretching it gently out of the mouth, moving it lightly in all directions. It should be done for a few seconds at a time and repeated two or three times. Although the sensation is strange, when you finish you will notice an improvement.


Homeopathic remedies can help to quickly strengthen the effects of other natural remedies.

  • For people who have overused their voices: Argentum Metallicum or Rhus Tox
  • For people who lost their voices from yelling: Arnica
  • If your throat also hurts: Causticum
  • Changes in tone following a speech: Arum Triphillum
  • Aphonia caused by cold and humidity: Dulcamara
  • Aphonia caused by dry cold: Causticum
  • Aphonia caused by nervousness: Geslenium

Once you have chosen a remedy, allow three grains to dissolve under the tongue three times a day, spread out between meals, drinks, and strong flavors.

We recommend consulting with a doctor or naturopath before undergoing any natural treatments

Images courtesy of reatist and asimula