Treat Bad Body Odor with Natural Remedies

· January 7, 2016

The heat, excessive sweating, going out bundled up too much, running here and there all day long, using non-cotton socks… All this (and much more) can cause you to have a bad odor in any part of the body. The good news is that there are natural remedies to treat bad body odor, which you do not want to miss. Find out what they are in this article.

Body odor: where, how and why?


Although bad odor can occur in any part of the body, there are certain critical areas where it is more concentrated: the underarms, feet and genitals. This is due to the reaction of certain microorganisms that “love” to live in humid place (such as those just mentioned). When their chosen location is sweating, the temperature rises and they can reproduce. It is at this moment that the bad odor is produced, because these bacterium emit certain gases.

In addition, it is in these areas (above all, in the underarms and feet) where there is a greater amount of sweat glands situated together. Where it is hot or you are exercising, the job of these glands is to release water (sweat) in order to reduce the temperature and avoid other problems. For this reason when we have a fever we usually sweat a lot.

But, be advised, sweating also has another function: to eliminate toxins from the body. This natural process, where small drops of salty water exit via the skin pores, transports at the same time everything “bad” that has accumulated in the body. It could be said that this is a way that the body and the skin can “breathe.”

Sweat and bad odor


When we sweat, we have a bad odor. There is no other possible solution, as we have already explained. Above all, we sweat when it is hot or due to hormonal changes (in women, for example, during menopause or in certain stages of the menstrual cycle and in both boys and girls during puberty).

We may also sweat when we are under a lot of stress, pressure or worries, fear, anxiety or nervousness. Being overweight is another cause of excessive sweating.

Using shoes that are not of good quality, that do not have good ventilation or are made with synthetic materials do not help the situation, since they do not allow the feet to evaporate the sweat and instead become a perfect environment for the proliferation of fungus and bacteria. And if we add to this situation non-cotton socks (for example, those made of Lycra or spandex) which do not absorb the sweat, here we have the reason why the bad odor in our feet is so strong.


This same situation that happens with socks can also happen with other clothing. If it is made with synthetic materials it can increase sweating in the underarms and genitals, most of all. Therefore, always try to choose clothing made from cotton or another type of natural fiber.

Did you know that your diet also has an influence in your body odor? It sure does. If we consume a lot of refined sugar, fried foods, animal fats, processed meats and foods, the body must try to eliminate a much greater quantity of accumulated toxins (including from these foods). The best way to avoid this is to maintain a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruits (raw, in both cases), whole grain cereals, nuts and legumes or beans, and also to drink at least two liters (64 ounces) of water every day.

A natural solution to help avoid or reduce bad body odor is to increase your personal hygiene. If you bathe once a day, try doing it twice during the summertime, for example. Also you can wash the problematic areas with soap and water, first with a neutral soap and after with a perfumed one (if this does not cause any skin irritation).

Try not to use aerosol or cream antiperspirants in the armpits since these have the ability to close the pores in this area and cause worse odor. In this way a vicious cycle is created where each time you use deodorant you clog the pores and the bad odor increases and you add more deodorant, etc. Choose natural or homemade deodorant options. Here is a recipe that never fails, just mix:

  • 5 mint leaves
  • 5 rosemary leaves
  • 1 cup of boiled water (250 ml – 8.5 ounces)

Let it cool, strain it and place it in a jar. Each day soak a cotton swab in the liquid and rub it on your underarms and your feet.

You can also take extra clothing with you to change into, if you are going to be out of the house all day long. Essential oils (for example, lavender) can also help you to avoid bad body odor.

Two homemade recipes that never fail to eliminate bad body odor are chlorophyll and green tea. The first recipe, chlorophyll, helps to detox the body and eliminate toxins. You can find it in capsule form at a health food store. Or a more natural option is to plant wheat on a tray, let it grow, cut the grass and then blend it into a smoothie. The second option, green teat, is an excellent detoxifier that will not only help to increase your body temperature to burn stored fat, but will also eliminate any excess toxins. Drink one or two cups of green tea every day.

If the odor from your underarms is from using too much deodorant, you can exfoliate with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and lemon. Be careful not to go out of the house immediately because sunlight can cause the acid from the lemon to stain your skin. You can also mix baking soda with water to form a paste and use it as a natural and effective antiperspirant. This also works for the feet.