Natural Remedies for Longer Eyelashes

· March 31, 2015

With the passage of time, eyelashes become thinner and shorter due to a process of loss and regeneration.  There are several treatments available at stores and beauty salons for perfect and longer eyelashes, but thanks to nutrients you can find in everyday home products, you could easily get the same results without leaving the house.

If you want healthier and longer eyelashes, you’ll have to take care of them daily. Don’t use too much mascara, don’t scrub your eyes too much unless your eyelashes are very full, and avoid using a lash curler.  It’s not uncommon for this product to cut eyelashes.  Remove your makeup carefully because eyelashes are very fragile and sudden movements could cause them to easily fall out.

Below we are going to show you a few home recipes that will help you care for your lashes.  Remember that it is absolutely vital for your health that you care for each and every part of your body.

Olive oil

This is better than anything else for cleaning your eyelash follicles, eliminating anything that is contaminating them.  This will stimulate the growth process.

Olive oil remedies

Use a cotton ball to apply the oil every night before going to bed, then remove the following morning.

Castor oil

Thanks to castor oil’s properties, it moisturizes and strengthens eyelashes, increasing growth.  Just like the olive oil, apply before going to bed and remove the following morning.

You could also grab an empty mascara tube, pour the castor oil in and then apply to your eyelashes.


After having washed your face and removed your makeup, boil chamomile flowers in a pot.  Once it has cooled a bit, dip a cotton ball in it and rub it over your eyelashes.  These recipes need to be repeated daily because you won’t notice the results over night.  If you are consistent you will notice the results in about a month.

Carrot, orange, flower pollen and walnut juice


These ingredients contain high amounts of vitamins that will help nourish your eyelashes.  Mix six carrots, four oranges, two tablespoons of flower pollen and one tablespoon of walnuts.  Juice the ingredients and drink throughout the morning for two months.

Trim your eyelashes

Just like your hair, trimming just the ends of your eyelashes could stimulate their growth.

Consume foods that contain keratin

Keratin is one of the primary nutrients that keeps hair healthy.  That’s why you need to eat foods rich in proteins, like chicken, fish, eggs, rice and legumes.

Vitamin C

Vitamins Cancer

Vitamin C helps strengthen both the bones as well as hair.  Eat oranges, kiwi, papaya, strawberries, lemon, cantaloupe, and other fruits and vegetables that contain high levels of vitamin C.

Brush your eyelashes

Just like your hair, brushing your eyelashes every day will promote growth.  Do this every night before applying your oil.  Remember to keep the brush very clean.

Do not consume fats

What you consume could affect your normal bodily processes.  For example, excessive consumption of fatty foods slows eyelash growth.  Keep yourself healthy by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

If you notice that your eyelashes are falling out more than normal you’ll need to see a dermatologist so they can prescribe you a treatment.  These tips are great for making them shinier, stronger, and longer, but you might have an infection or some other disease that is causing your eyelashes to be weaker and less healthy.