6 Natural Products to Remove Grease From Your Countertops

If you suffer every time you clean your kitchen, especially your countertops, these tips will help you. You can say goodbye to that pesky grease by using safe natural products that you have right at home.
6 Natural Products to Remove Grease From Your Countertops

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Cooking definitely leaves a trail in your kitchen. Just take a look at your countertops to see what we’re talking about. Your countertops are almost always splattered or smeared with food. However, you don’t have to worry about this anymore since there are natural products to remove grease from your countertops that work like a charm.

Cooking your favorite meals is truly comforting. Besides being relaxing, it allows you to treat your taste buds. However, that happiness tends to turn into annoyance when it comes to post-cooking cleanup.

This also happens to those who follow a strict healthy diet. Vegetables, meats, fruits… All those ingredients can leave grease stains in the kitchen.

Today we’ll be focusing on the countertops. Due to where they’re located and how much they’re used, they tend to get really dirty. Here’s a list of the best natural products to remove grease from your countertops.

Natural Products to Remove Grease From Your Countertops

The material that they’re made of will largely determine which natural grease removing products you should use. The most important thing is to do everything in your power to keep them in good condition.

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1.- Baking Soda

Yes, we’ve talked about how powerful baking soda is when it comes to disinfecting and cleaning many times.

To use it on your countertops, you simply have to mix it with water to clean stone countertops. You can use a cup of water and a teaspoon of baking soda to say goodbye to grease stains.

2.- Petroleum Jelly and White Vinegar

This striking combination restores shine to your marble, granite, and stone countertops. Just mix half a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and a tablespoon of white vinegar in a bowl. Then, add some water to dilute them.


The last step is to clean your kitchen countertops with this preparation using paper towels. You’ll see your countertops sparkle in no time.

3.- Neutral Soap

household products

This product is easy to make at home and is very useful for cleaning grease. The best part is that it’s perfect for cleaning granite and marble countertops because it keeps them looking shiny.

To use this product, you must combine it with hot water and use a soft sponge to clean the dirty surface.

4.- Use Lemon to Clean Marble

If grease has stained your marble countertops, lemon is a natural product that can remove it in a jiffy. To do this, squeeze half a lemon on a glass of warm water. Then, add a teaspoon of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Finally, clean the greasy surface with a paper towel doused in the solution.

Lemon has degreasing powers that will help you remove grease easily from your countertops.

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5.- Vinegar and Water for Daily Cleaning

white vinegar

Yes, we know that you don’t deep clean your greasy countertops every day. This is why it’s useful to have an everyday cleaning solution.
To make one, just mix some vinegar and water. Then, use a cotton cloth to clean your countertops with this solution.

This prevents debris and dust from accumulating. It’s a quick and simple solution that you can make with ingredients you have at home.

6.- Last Resort: Soap and Water

This option is highly recommended for wooden countertops.  Yes, it’s true that soap isn’t a natural product, but it’s what wooden countertops require. Using the other substances we discussed in this article may be corrosive to delicate wood.

In fact, you shouldn’t even wet the sponge you’re going to use that much. Wet it enough to remove dirt and grime as quickly as possible. The quicker you do it, the less it damages the wood.

As you can see, these natural products to remove grease from your countertops are just what you need to keep them squeaky clean. Say goodbye to greasy countertops and just focus on making yummy meals for your family.

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