5 Cleaning Habits to Keep Your House Tidy

These cleaning habits to keep your house tidy are really simple. It's all a question of common sense and being consistent once you've started to try them.
5 Cleaning Habits to Keep Your House Tidy

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Does it seem that your house is never quite totally in harmony? Or maybe after cleaning, dirty and random objects appear everywhere in no time?

Maybe if you live alone this isn’t so common, but if you’re a parent, this surely happens more often.

Keeping your home clean and tidy is a challenge for many families. In the comings and goings of daily life, dust and objects scattered around different rooms are almost impossible to avoid. However, there are certain measures you can take to make your house stay clean for longer.

Many people end up getting used to living with some mess in the house. Others meanwhile look for an alternative to this reality.

To help you, we’ll present the five best cleaning habits to keep your house tidy.

The benefits of tidy living

cleaning habits

Firstly, it’s worth looking at why it’s better to live in a clean and tidy house. Although you may not believe it, this plays an important role in people’s mood. 

Here are the three main benefits:

  • Lower risk of illness. The build-up of dust and bacteria causes many common allergic reactions and other problems.
  • Better moodEveryone likes to live in order and have a pleasant smell in their surroundings. This unconsciously but greatly impacts your mood and your activities at home.
  • It’s a form of exercise. Cleaning expends a moderate amount of energy which is good for your body. When you finish, you’ll feel relief and satisfaction for having ticked off the overdue task.

5 cleaning habits to keep your home tidy

Now, let’s get to the important bit.

How can you change your habits to keep your house in order?

With these simple cleaning habits, you’ll see that they’re small daily efforts that will make your life much easier.

1. Keep the floors clean

Keep the floors clean

If you take five minutes a day to leave the floors clean, you’ll see that their maintenance will be much easier. Instead of letting dust or waste build up, clean it daily with a damp mop.
 If it doesn’t need it, simply give it a sweep to get ride of any dirt. You could do this every day after lunch.

2. Make the beds

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Yeah, we know that many people hate it. However, leaving the bed made will give you the constant sense that your room is always tidy.

It’s best to do it in the morning, after you get up. If you can, also leave the windows open to ventilate the room. The sheets should be washed once a week in hot water.

3. Leave your clothes folded or hung on a rack

Leave your clothes folded or hung on a rack

If there’s one image to blame for an untidy house, it’s having clothes all over the place. To avoid this, it’s good to get into the habit of not leaving any clothes out of their proper place.

When you get home, hang up your coat. After a shower, but your dirty clothes in a wash basket. If you’ve changed to go out, or to sleep, leave the next day’s clothes on a chair or somewhere in your wardrobe. They’re simple actions, but they’ll have a great visual impact.

4. Clean the shower and go over the bathroom once a day

Bathroom with good lighting

Although it might seem a bit redundant to clean the shower after showering, it’s really effective.

You can pass a cloth and some disinfectant over the walls to avoid a build up of soap and mold. You can also take a few minutes before showering to give the toilet and sink a quick clean.

You’ll see that will very little effort, you’ll radically change the appearance of your bathroom.

5. Assign a time for group cleaning each day

Assign a time for group cleaning each day

Assign a task to each member of the family: washing dishes, taking out the rubbish, feeding the pets, or sweeping the floors. If you live alone, still try to do it even though it’ll take you longer.

These are small responsibilities that really make a difference. They also help teach your children about responsibility and will help you all live together happily.

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that none of this implies that you should be “living to clean.. You don’t need to go to extremes to bring a little balance and a sense of well-being to your home.

It’s about finding a routine and creating a healthy and pleasant environment. You don’t need to obsess about it, just be consistent.

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