Medicinal Ways of Preparing Garlic

· September 26, 2014

Garlic has countless properties in regards to your health, which is why it is very important to know how you have to eat it in different cases because every sickness requires a specific way of preparing it.

How Can Garlic Be Eaten?


You can eat garlic raw. Eating two or three garlic cloves during the morning is what they recommend at most. Also, you can grind it and add the juice from half of a lemon to try to avoid some of the very strong flavor it has.

Eating raw garlic everyday is recommended for getting its therapeutic effects that offer relief to a lot of parts of the body. You have to know and be conscious of the fact that garlic causes very bad breath if eaten with a certain frequency, which is why it is important to eat it with lemon. Or you can chew a piece of cinnamon afterwards, which will help you a little.

Preparing Garlic for Decoction

Another way of consuming garlic is by using decoction. For this method, you should get three or four garlic cloves and boil them in a liter of water. This way of consuming it is easier to get used to because the garlic will lose a lot of its strong flavor and of course, its unpleasant smell, because of the boiling. Also, it is less inconvenient because you can drink two bowls a day. Therefore, the bad bodily odors that come off the person that eats it won’t be as strong.

Garlic: A huge ally in protecting you from lung cancer.
Garlic: A huge ally in protecting you from lung cancer.

Ground Garlic with Vinegar

Its flavor is very strong, although many people like it and don’t care about the bad odor that it can cause. These people insist that they don’t care what it does to their breath and other parts of their body, since they only care about being healthy and they achieve this with garlic.

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Curative properties of garlic

Nonetheless, as we have always said, what’s most important is to prevent sicknesses and avoid them from appearing. In order to this, it is very important to consume garlic daily, no matter how you eat it. Thanks to garlic, you can prevent a great number of illnesses because they will be kept out of your body by consuming it.