Medicinal Herbs to Treat Joint Pain

· August 16, 2015

Joint pain is one of the most common realities among people. It limits your mobility and reduces your quality of life. A way to alleviate and treat joint pain is with medicinal herbs, an economical and easy resource that will be a huge help.

The Benefits of Medicinal Herbs for Joint Pain


Can medicinal plants really help you if you suffer from joint pain? Yes, they can. Although it is true that many people are more used to using anti-inflammatory pills or medications that are useful yet may damage your liver in the long run. Therefore, medicinal plants can sometimes be used as a complement to medical treatment.

Sometimes, joint pain is what happens before rheumatoid arthritis, which is why you should always get medical check-ups. But let’s take a look at how medicinal herbs can help you:

  • Herbs can help cleanse metabolic waste and toxins from your body.
  • They improve your circulation and boost lymphatic cleansing. All of that means less toxins in the body that cause inflammation and pain.
  • A lot of plants act as natural antibiotics.
  • They also have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • They relax you, soothe you, and remove tension from your muscles, thus putting less pressure on your joints.

Medicinal Plants to Relieve Joint Pain

1. Turmeric


Turmeric is a remedy that you should never lack in your kitchen and home. It is a very effective way to reduce inflammation in your body; it also relaxes you and is great for anything related to muscles, bones, and joints. Thanks to its main anti-inflammatories, it is great for those cases but will also give you many more benefits. Turmeric is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic remedy.

2. Burdock Root


One of the best ways to treat and fight joint pain is to increase your consumption of essential fatty acids. Besides walnuts, blue fish, mackerel, or salmon, including burdock root in your diet is great. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is great if you take it twice a day. You can find diced and dry burdock root in any natural store. Just put a tablespoon in a glass of boiling water. Let stand for 5 minutes and drink little by little. It’s great!

3. Ginger

1 lemon tea

We often talk a lot about the great virtues of ginger on this site. It is one of the plants with the best anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. All of that is due to two basic components: a COX-2 inhibitor and TNF, which basically stop the inflammation of the prostaglandin E2. There are also many studies that guarantee its effectiveness for rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. It reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling, with no side effects. Are you going to miss out on it?

4. Linseed Infusion


Linseed is a natural source of vegetable origin Omega-3. Because of it, your immunity will be much more reinforced and there will be less toxins in your body that are capable of accumulating in your joints and cause pain. Like all of the above infusions, it will also lower your inflammation and alleviate pain. It’s best to drink these seeds sprinkled on top of salads or any other plate. In this case, we won’t make an infusion. Why? Because when you heat them, they lose the strength of their components with Omega-3 and what we want is to get all of their virtues. So remember, they are best ground finely. Two tablespoons a day is the appropriate amount.

You will see how much better you feel.