Learn About the Male Erogenous Zones

10 November, 2018
Male erogenous zones are much more sensitive than we thought. That is why we should stimulate them carefully and smoothly to get the desired effect

It’s no secret that women have very specific pleasure points on their body. However, you might be surprised to know that the male body also has particular erogenous zones.

If they are stimulated, it makes their orgasms more powerful and their sex life will be better than ever.

An orgasm is the relief of sexual tension, and the tension is created by an increase and gradual variation of the touch and pressure on their passion points.

Licking, biting and then adding hot or cold sensations by sucking on an ice cube or drinking hot tea will drive them crazy.

Get closer to the amazing places of masculine pleasure that you could be missing.


Many men like their ears being touched. It is often an area that we forget about that can be used to calm us or excite us.

  • Simply put your thumb and pointer finger on the area where the ear lobe meets the tissue close to their face.
  • Then, pull it down slowly and let your fingers slide back up to start again. Whisper sensual words in his ear and use his ears to excite him.

By using your fingers, lips or teeth, gently, you will, without a doubt, get a satisfactory result.

Lower abdomen

Lower abdomen

Start at his belly button and move your hands down.

The area of the abdomen between the belly button and the pelvis area is a fun place to entice. As the blood flows from the pelvis and the sexual tension accumulates, it’s a great place to stimulate.

By passing by the genitals to other areas and then returning, you will create sexual tension throughout the entire body.

Inner thighs

Think about their inner thighs as “gift wrap.” Touching this zone can put him in a good mood.

  • Slowly move your finger pads up and down the inner part of their thighs.
  • Follow the contour of the thigh, slowly moving your index and middle finger up and down this erogenous point.
  • Give this area a few soft taps before pressing the palm of your hand into the upper part of the thigh. Then, start again with your fingers.

The mind

The mind

Whisper something sexy in their ear. The mind is a powerful erogenous zone for men.

When your mind starts to get excited, your body follows its example.

Back of the neck

Using a pen, your fingers or any soft touch on the neck and the clavicle area can increase his excitement. It is also suggested to mix both.

  • Think about stimulating both areas at the same time. For example, gently rubbing their neck and nibbling their ear lobe, while also sliding your hands down their body.
  • Be creative with the combination. Some guys love when you gently slide your nails right below their hair line.



The thing with kisses is that you should never give them just to do it, but that you should savor every moment. It’s the passion transmitted that excites him and puts him in the mood for a night of wild sex.

Sacrum, one of the most surprising male erogenous zones

It’s always sexier when you know that you are driving your man crazy with pleasure. Discover how to push their buttons with this not-so-obvious male erogenous zones.

The sacrum is that small triangle at the end of the spinal cord, right above the butt. Try to stroke it or sun your fingers or nails over it. Do it by surprise and they will appreciate your spontaneity.


Male erogenous zones

The penis is known for being the most sensitive male erogenous zones. However, there isn’t just one, but four places that you can stimulate.

However, every one of these areas needs a different type of stimulation to get the best from them:

  • The head responds best to friction, suction and heat.
  • The shaft, especially the bottom side, reacts best to stroking and friction.
  • The raphe is found just below the head on the bottom part. It is incredibly sensitive for men and can be extremely exciting for him.
  • The base is the least sensitive part of the penis. That is why you need a little pressure.


Many women have the wrong idea that the testicles are erogenous zones for men. But the truth is that it isn’t the testicles, but the surrounding tissues.

In fact, if you focus on the testicles, it can be pretty painful for him. This means that it is crucial to move around this zone gently. For the greatest pleasure, go for the line that runs through the center.



This is the area between the scrotum and the anal opening, that is at the opposite end of your prostate.

This means that when you massage it gently, you can indirectly stimulate their G spot.

However, be careful, your man could also be against crossing that line, so proceed slowly and read their reactions.

Masculine G point

This is a gland inside the body. located behind the testicles that can make their orgasm much more powerful when it is stimulated.

However, since it is inside, it isn’t easy to reach. One way of doing so is through the anal opening, which many men are not okay with. So, you should speak with him before hand.

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