Learn How to Identify a Child Abuser

· September 12, 2017
Do you know the signs of child abuse? Learn how to identify them and prevent further abuse in this article.

Being able to identify a child abuser is a fundamental skill to have in today’s world.

However, recognizing them can be hard, since they are people who win the trust of the children they abuse.

They don’t have any special physical characteristics, they can be of any race, religion, or gender.

Profile of a possible child abuser

1. They become a family friend

These people try to build a bond with the family, get them to like them, are very sociable, take care of the children, take them to the park, shopping… They try to become a close friend of the child and win their trust.

2. The great majority of abusers are not strangers to the children

According to the American Psychological Association, 30% of sexually abused children were victims of a relative, 60% were victims of an adult they knew, and 10% were abused by a stranger.

3. Characteristics of child abusers

Generally, they have been abused in the past, whether physically or sexually. Some have psychological or personality disorders.

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4. They have jobs that put them around children

These people spend hours with them as their coaches, babysitters, teachers. They claim that they love kids, that they are their life.

5. They are sharp, clever

They use tricks, activities, games to build trust. These people know how to keep secrets to use as a source of power. The games have a sexual side, affection, kisses, unwanted touch, exposing little minds to pornographic material, extortion, bribery, but they do it with such love in order to confuse and isolate the child.

Some characteristics of child abusers

They keep the child’s toys, books, items of clothing

And they may not focus on just one child. Several may be the object of their attention and may be abused by them.

They don’t feel guilty about what they’re doing

We can define a sociopath as not feeling empathy for others or having regret for their actions.

The victim considered an object

Some say it’s a way to prevent the suffering that they themselves went through as a child.

Generally, abusers were abused or mistreated as children

Sexual experiences and abnormal violence is where these personality disorders begin.

Tips for preventing child abuse

Don’t leave your child alone

On the street, at the park, in the field, the pool, at classes, the gym. Look out for the teachers. Know the time the children go in and come out, and go with them.

Speak to them about the danger

Explain the limits they should keep, that nobody, not even a family member, should touch their private parts, that no adult should ask them to do something without telling their parents, and if this happens, it’s wrong.

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Look out for your child’s mood changes

Look for behavior like quieter than usual, depressed, closed off, or sad. That child possibly gets abused.

Control the social networks they use

Check that they don’t post photos that attract abusers. Make sure they don’t post personal information about themselves or the family, like their address, school, and places they go to frequently.

Parents should have their passwords

To monitor the private messages and friend requests the child gets. Sexual abusers can be women as well as men, so be alert.

Make sure your child feels supported

Children who don’t have support are easy prey for abusers. Talk to your children, build a relationship of friendship and trust, make them feel open to tell you about their problems and how they’re feeling.

It’s very important to seek help if you suspect that there is a dangerous situation with a specific person. There are institutions and organizations that support families that are facing child abuse.

You must get help, end the cycle of violence, break the silence, and report them, because abusers often have multiple victims.