How To Know if Someone in a Relationship Likes You

If you think someone in a relationship likes you, analyze the pros and cons before making any decision as this is a very delicate situation.
How To Know if Someone in a Relationship Likes You
Bernardo Peña

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Last update: 07 August, 2022

Do you think a person with a partner might like you? This is usually a somewhat complicated experience, especially when you’re also attracted to the person.

In these cases, it’s important to assess a series of issues. You may be getting ahead of yourself and think that you may not even like that person; what really attracts you is its “forbidden” nature. Or you may think that you’re misinterpreting the signals.

The problem is that you’re not sure if they’re treating you this way out of simple courtesy, if you’re confused, or if there really is chemistry between the two of you.

To understand this, here are some of the signs that tell you when a person likes you. Get to know them!

Signs that a person with a partner likes you

1. They look at you differently

When they’re attracted to you, their gaze changes. If they’re interested in you, they’ll look at you fixedly whenever they can.

They might do it voluntarily or unconsciously. However, even though they try to avoid it, they always look at you when you pass by or are close.

2. They want to be close to you

If someone in a relationship likes you, they’ll want to be close to you. If you’re friends, that person will always want to be around you. You also may notice that they behave differently with you than they do with their other friends.

Often, they may show some interest in figuring out if they have any chance with you, even though they’re in a relationship.

3. They share things with you

You’re aware that they talk too much with you, although they have a partner. You talk several times during the day, and they always tell you where they’re going or what they’re doing.

If they show interest in knowing what you do or how your day was, perhaps how they feel about you goes beyond a simple friendship.

4. They compare you with their partner

Nobody likes to be compared to others. However, when they start to compare their partner to you, perhaps they’re just indirectly telling you how much they like you.

They may tell you that they wish their partner was more like you or had many of your qualities. In fact, he or she may even say that he thinks of you when he or she has a conflict in his relationship.

5. They ask you out

As friends, it’s normal for you to want to share moments together. What isn’t normal is their insistence on inviting you to do different things together – things they could do with their partner.

That preference of spending more time with you than with their partner definitely means they like you more than a friend. This is their way of letting you know that they like you and have a great time with you.

6. They get jealous when you go out with someone else

If you talk to that person all day, even without talking about anything concrete, it’s likely that at some point they will show jealousy or a certain interest if you meet someone else.

For example, if you tell them that you’re going out with someone, they may change their attitude or reproach you. Sometimes, they may even suggest that you don’t do it because they don’t think it’s a good idea for you.

7. They call you when they’re having problems with their partner

This may make you feel like the “third wheel.” However, it’s likely that this person who likes you will come to you during their relationship crises.

They often do this to figure out if they have a chance with you in case their current relationship ends.

Person in another relationship likes you

8. They try to be in your social circle

Do you notice that you run into them everywhere you go with your friends? This may not be a coincidence.

If that person is attracted to you or likes you, they’ll look for endless opportunities to see you and be close to you. If they’re in your social circle, it’ll be easier for them to be around you.

Don’t accept crumbs

If you’re already clear about what this person feels for you and it’s reciprocal, it may be time to act and talk to that person. Perhaps as a result of knowing what you feel, he or she ventures to break up with his or her partner, and you can begin to get to know each other better. However, keep in mind that sometimes there are people who just like to flirt.

Be careful. Don’t lose your dignity or your self-esteem just for a smile or a look. Try to analyze the situation very well before making any kind of decision. Remember that being in the middle of another commitment is a very complex situation.

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