A Deep Gaze Is a Bridge Between Two Souls

· October 25, 2016
Did you know that the eyes are one of the few things that can betray us? Unable to consciously control them, they may reveal your intentions to others. The gaze between two souls can reveal a lot.

With one look, two souls can connect with more integrity, more feeling and more security.

This idea is reinforced for a reason: most of our movements and gestures are voluntarily controlled. So if a person wanted, they could hide certain behaviors to conceal a hidden agenda.

The eyes, on the other hand, as well as their associated processes like dilation of the pupils, for example, are controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

This is why it’s impossible for us to make our eyes dilate at will due to the intense emotions we experience when we’re attracted to someone.

That peculiar gleam hides no false pretenses, but reveals a brain dominated by attraction and sincere affection that reveals itself in our gaze.

The eyes and the fascinating processes they reflect

If our eyes are, as is often said, the windows to the soul, science is unable to prove it. So far according to science, the soul is something intangible that only religion and spirituality can address or explain.

What is clear is that the gaze is a powerful weapon and a source of emotional connection between two souls—both with humans and animals.

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Body language experts tell us that the eyes relay the most nonverbal communication, especially through dilation of the pupils. This involuntary response is beyond our control and responds to more than changes in light. It also relays emotions. Let’s take a closer look.


The pupils and the focus of our interest

Eckhard Hess is a bio-psychological expert who led a study on ophthalmology and the emotions at the University of Chicago. This study revealed many interesting aspects about the dynamics of our pupils.

  • The pupils, as we mentioned earlier, are not limited to contracting and dilating solely in response to changes in light. When we’re holding a conversation that really captures our interest, the pupils will also dilate.
  • When we witness something that we don’t like or that causes an averse or uncomfortable reaction, the pupils contract.
  • When we’re around someone who we’re physically attracted to or in love with, the pupils will dilate.
  • Another curious fact is that when we’ve finished a complex activity or finally discover the solution to a problem, the pupils will expand. This is truly interesting and something we were not aware of.

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The importance of eye contact between two souls

  • A fact of life is that eye contact is expected while we communicate in our interactions. It’s more than a way of showing respect: it shows you’re paying attention and interested.
  • On the other hand, when we feel intense visual contact from someone we don’t know, it’s perceived as a form of intimidation.
  • According to experts in nonverbal communication, a person looking to deceive another will usually avoid eye contact and look nervously and unconsciously to the corners of their eyes. They’ll avoid looking at the eyes of the other person for any length of time.

Glance to the left, glance to the right

We need to point out that this theory about the direction of the gaze and its significance needs more studies and scientific proof.

However, many experts in the field of lying in social groups point out the following theories:

  • When holding a conversation, if the other person quickly shifts their gaze from left to right, it means that they are “creating or inventing” something.This does not mean that they’re directly deceiving you. Sometimes, it can mean they’re trying to find the best way to explain themselves concretely.
  • When someone looks away to the left, it means they are trying to remember something.

Watch out for tears

Not all tears are sincere. Unlike the dilation of the pupils, it is possible to summon tears at will.

  • Sometimes crying or even wetting the face to give the appearance of tears is used to take advantage of emotions that connect people, often for the end result of a closer relationship or forgiveness.
  • Although the act of crying is something that is usually thought of as characteristically human, some animals like elephants and gorillas cry. But we can produce them at will.
  • Therefore one of the best ways to test a person’s sincerity is to pay attention to their movements and how dilated their pupils are.

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If someone pays attention to what we say, maintains good eye contact, and their pupils are dilated with excitement, it’s a telltale sign that they’re interested.