It’s Important to Show Love, Not Just Feel It

· June 30, 2016

It’s important to show others the love that we want for ourselves. If you value someone you need to do everything possible to show them that and to make them happy.

I’m sure that at this point in your life, you know pretty well that feeling love for someone isn’t the same as showing them that love.

Some people simply don’t know how to show love; even though they feel affection and love, they are incapable of showing love. Or even worse still, they show it wrongly.

Feeling like your feelings are not reciprocated in everyday life, even though the feelings are there, creates a deep sense of emptiness and discomfort.

And whether you believe it or not, there are a lot of couples that end up distancing themselves not because of a lack of love, but because one’s patience ran out. Has this ever happened to you? Today we’re  going to take a look at this.

People that love you, should show you

They don’t need to give you a castle or elaborate acts of heroism, or even be obligated to tell you every minute of every day just how much they love you.  The interesting thing about these types of situations is that people can love you, without expressing it.  And quite the opposite, they can also express just how much they love you, without truly loving you.

  • The key is sincerity, and most of all, that you perceive them as wholesome and authentic.
  • Receiving and expressing love makes up part of our emotional health, which also carries its own implications in physical health.
  • You cannot force anyone to show you “just how much” they love you. People need to be spontaneous and allow the small things to “pop up”. The magic lies in the unplanned – things that simply happen. Feeling authentic reciprocity not only nourishes, but it bring peace as well.

Love, affection and caring can all be showed in several different ways. All of these ways need to be meaningful to you, and useful. Some people make the mistake of thinking that the way they love is the only way to love, without understanding what the other person needs.

Jar of hearts

Some people don’t feel right hugging, or caressing, or even saying loving words. They show love by coming over to sleep, giving gifts, or simply being present.

But “being present” isn’t enough. Sometimes the worst type of loneliness is that felt with someone right next to you, who, even though they love you, are incapable of showing it.

We all have needs for love, understanding, intimacy and passion, which are the basis of a healthy, stable and happy relationship. If understanding does not exist, or daily expressions of affection, the relationship will grow cold.

The importance of emotional expression

People that want something generally create a series of strategies for reaching their objective.  So what happens the moment these objectives once dreamed of are achieved?  That is the true question.

Once you reach a valuable moment, it must be cared for.  

Not everyone knows how to care for these things, or tend to them, or create connections, or to create space for personal growth or growth within the relationship.

Clearly no one knows everything about human relations, but when it comes to love you need to know what needs are there in order to offer the other what he/she needs.

  • If you want them to value you, you need to start valuing others.
  • If you want to be recognized by people you love, you need to first recognize yourself.
  • If you want to be loved, show your true love for the people around you.

It all becomes complex when we realize that a lot of people don’t even truly know who they are.

Immature individuals who haven’t undergone the appropriate emotional maturation, or those who haven’t clearly defined their values or needs, tend to project their own unrecognized faults on others.

And this is where the problems set in. So let’s take a look at just how the people who love you should show you that love, and what couples deserve in order to maintain a stable and happy commitment.

Starry night


Your partner should be the person that is not only your accomplice, friend and lover, but they should also admire and respect you. And they should also show this to you.

We admire our partner because they are capable of enriching our lives, and that’s why we have chosen them.

Sincere affection is shown in the small details

People that love you should show you every day in the simplest of ways.  They don’t need things and they should do this freely. And you should also focus on the small things that make up life, which are truly important.

Not only do you need to be present, but you also need to show that you are there by caresses, the right words, sincere looks of acceptance and embrace. It’s not that hard.  You don’t lose anything by showing affection.

Quite the contrary. All the love that you show makes you bigger, fuller, more connected with yourself and the world around you.

Practicing it is worth it.