An Incredible New Treatment for “Bad” Cholesterol

· December 14, 2016
This new drug could be the perfect choice for those who have high cholesterol and their body doesn’t respond to conventional treatments. In addition to reducing bad cholesterol (LDL), it can reverse atherosclerosis

Cholesterol, in addition to triglycerides, are two of the key indicators for your cardiovascular health. Maintaining them at the right levels can help you avoid many of the problems you already know about.

Most of us are aware of the fact that the word “cholesterol” is almost always associated with something negative. But don’t forget that this natural fat substance is also essential for your body to function.

The key is keeping it in balance and maintaining the right levels between the so-called good and bad cholesterol, so that they don’t build up in the arteries.

You probably also know that your genetic background can determine not only the presence of cholesterol but also your resistance to certain medications that have been developed to lower your cholesterol levels.

Even if you take these medications, your lipoproteins can remain attached to your artery walls at dangerously high levels. But there’s a new treatment that can eliminate this risk.

It’s a ray of hope and today we want to tell you all about it.

Evolocumab, a new and more effective treatment for high cholesterol

In 2014, a new pharmaceutical treatment for lowering cholesterol in people who don’t show any improvement under traditional medications came on the market under the name “evolocumab.”

From that moment on, detailed studies were carried out to determine if it could achieve the objectives that were expected. The results show that yes, the drug is effective. Not only does it manage to reduce “bad” cholesterol levels, it also reverses atherosclerosis .

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A new and powerful treatment for cholesterol

In November of this year, the American College of Cardiology published their study in which they analyzed the results achieved so far in the treatment of cholesterol with this new medication, evolocumab.

  • The goal of the treatment was to provide a therapeutic intervention for people who had high risk of cardiovascular disease and who did not respond to traditional medications.
  • The results of the study were very positive. Evolocumab safely and effectively reduced the patients’ levels of bad, or LDL, cholesterol.
  • After 24 weeks of treatment the cholesterol stored in patients’ arteries was minimal, so their risk of cardiovascular problems had been significantly reduced.
  • This drug is already an essential therapeutic tool for those who have a genetic background associated with high cholesterol, who already have had some kind of cardiovascular disease, or who cannot reduce their cholesterol levels with traditional medications, such as statins.

How does this treatment work?

To effectively lower cholesterol in patients who are resistant to regular drugs, it’s necessary to combine both treatments.

  • This new drug is still being prescribed along with statins.
  • Evolocumab acts as an inhibitor of the subtilisn/kexin convertasa protein.
  • It has been available in a number of countries around the world, with excellent results.

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Objective: reverse atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a slow but deadly disease that originates in plaque deposits (atheromas) that are stored within the arteries.

  • Atheromas are not just made up of cholesterol – they also contain calcium and other substances from the bloodstream.
  • The main problem is that in the beginning it has no symptoms. This is a silent disease that can only be diagnosed through testing.
  • If it remains undetected, atherosclerosis can cause problems such as heart attacks and strokes.
  • However, another problem for health professionals is that, as we said above, there are many people who simply don’t respond to the traditional medications for high cholesterol.

Stephen J. Nichols is the director of the study mentioned earlier who showed the clear effectiveness of evolocumab to treat and reverse atherosclerosis in all patients.

  • Their coronary artery scans showed a very positive change after a few months of treatment. It’s finally possible to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases to a level that so far had never been achieved.

Who should take this medication?

Adult patients should follow this treatment if they have already been prescribed the maximum amount of statins and have a cardiovascular disease.

  • Others include adults with genetic high blood pressure and who already take the maximum dose of statins.
  • Adolescents who are 12 and older can take this treatment if they have genetic high blood pressure and already take the maximum dose of statins.
  • Any of the patients in the three previous groups should take this drug if they also have a particular intolerance to statins.

You should continue traditional treatments if you only pass the minimal limits for high cholesterol and have no genetic background of this problem.

In all cases, don’t forget to seek advice from a medical professional, take care of your diet and get at least a half hour of exercise every day.

High cholesterol is a serious problem that claims too many lives each year. Let’s do our best to avoid it, and be aware that there are excellent treatments and lifestyle options available.