If You Have Magic, You Don't Need Tricks

12 February, 2019
People with magic are authentic and don't worry about what others think. They are empathetic and their enthusiasm is contagious to those who surround them. Learn how to be like them with this article!

Those who have magic in their hearts will never need tricks. Because they’re people who have a natural light of their own that comforts and lets them dream. Also, they are brave personalities who make the impossible happen and who hardly realize everything they do for us.

We are sure that in your closest social circle you know someone with these characteristics. It’s normal that we say they are “friends with magic” or family members with that special gift of making ordinary moments extraordinary.

Having these kinds of people around is exceptional and even though people often tell us to value and care for them every day,  we’d like to recommend something better: learn to imitate them.

Today, we’d like to explain some of the psychological traits that usually define people with magic – the ones that don’t need tricks to be so special.

Magic People, Humble Hearts

We define magic people as authentic, as true to themselves and their personalities. In terms of psychology, being genuine means having and practicing the following characteristics:

No False Modesty or Self-Pity

Those who have magic don’t put out the magic in others. People who are insecure and distrustful are the opposite of genuine people; they constantly need external recognition to feel validated, useful or important.

  • The sincere modesty of genuine, magic people understands that we are all in the back seat, where we must respect each other. No one has to be more than the rest.
  • People with magic also don’t use self-pity or play the victim because they understand the value of emotional equanimity.
woman with birds

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They Don’t Look For Approval. “What You See Is What You Get.”

The genuine person who stands out for his or her authenticity does not look for everyone’s approval. They are confident of who they are and what their worth is.

  • This inner light that characterizes their way of being is mainly due to how they feel about themselves: they have good self-esteem.
  • They don’t try to blend in and instead always make use of this heartfelt spontaneity that not everyone understands.
  • “What you see is what you get,” no more, no less. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, when it happens, or the context. Their character is always the same, congruent with values and attitudes.

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Contagious Enthusiasm

Having light, having magic, having that spark that always makes us smile on difficult days is, above all, part of this character capable of vitality and optimism.

  • If you really think about it, it’s not easy to transmit this energy that brings joy to the downtrodden or cheers up someone having a difficult time.
  • This kind of personality can captivate us with their words and presence alone. They can do this because they offer us the confidence we need. Also, they provide us with that wonderful feeling that “even though it’s hard to believe, everything will be okay.

They Are Humble and Understand Reciprocity

Having magic doesn’t mean performing a trick to get something in return. Having magic is, above all, having the gift of making others feel good through the most simple, humble acts.

  • Their magical glances reflect an understanding of empathy and how reciprocity is built.
  • They know that friendship and relationships are based on mutual respect and the most humble connection, where a heart can meet the needs of the other.

There is a sense of integrity shown from day one. We know they’re always there for us and that their humble souls will never look for anything in return beyond friendship itself.

rainbow glance

Life Always Seems Easy At Their Side

We don’t know very well how they do it, but they have this innate virtue that allows them to untangle knots, bring sunshine on a stormy day and share hope when all is lost.

In addition, it’s usually said that there are people born like this, with this gift to make existence easier. But what this really means is that this type of personality has a brave attitude towards life.

Just as we said from the start, along with caring for these friends and family that give us their magic and affection, we should also try to imitate them.

Don’t constantly rely on their incredible “magic” to feel good or find an answer to a problem. Incorporate their values, their spirit and their fortitude and imitate them.

If we could learn to take care of each other instead of putting our own egos first, society would be much better. So, don’t hesitate to add a drop of magic to your life. Become your own magic best friend!

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