How to attract positive energy to your life

How to attract positive energy to your life

Written by Okairy Zuñiga

Last update: 26 May, 2022

To attract positive energy, we must learn to let go of the past and focus on the present and the future, since these are the only two moments that we can change. We all go through good times and bad times. However, the bad times seem to impact us more.

That’s why it’s your responsibility to find what works best for you for attracting positive energy into your life. Positive energy will help you in any situation. Of course, it won’t completely shield you from bad things, but you will be better prepared the next time something goes wrong.

Accept that you are not where you want but that it is possible to get there

One factor that makes us waste energy is fighting who we are and where we are. Accepting that you are not in the place that you would like to be or that you have not reached your goals is hard, especially if you have worked to achieve it.

The reality is that we all complain sometimes about what we have. But does that really generate any positive changes? To attract positive energy, learn to accept when you are not happy and that you have responsibility for it.


laugh to attract positive energy.

Laughing is such a valuable way to become a more positive person — a better person, really. It’s important that you learn to laugh at yourself and bad things that happen to you.

  • When you do this, your relationships will improve. Learn to share these moments with others when they happen.
  • There’s one caveat: don’t make fun of yourself with the goal of making yourself feel superior or making someone else feel bad.

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Find out what you want and need

The next step for attracting positive energy is really quite complex, because we are constantly changing creatures. In addition, the vast majority of us have problems understanding our expectations in life, let alone figuring out what we need.

However, one thing you can do is pay attention to the things you do not want or that make you unhappy. That will give you a better idea of what your values ​​are and what you should focus your energy on.

Let go of your past

Let go of your past

Negative energy comes out of the past, while positive energy is all about the present and future. Many of us re-live tragedies in the past and so we can’t move on. But if you accept them and allow yourself to live today, you will have a better tomorrow.

Attracting positive energy does not mean you forget your past or bury it, but that you accept it and thank it for the lessons it taught you. Then move on — this time with more knowledge and maturity.

Change your focus

If you really want to attract positive energy, you’ll have to monitor the way you see things. Now, it’s not about denying the bad and blinding yourself to see only the good.

After all, if you do this, you will end up causing more problems in your life. What you must do is learn to see things with perspective and recognize the good in even very tough situations.

A job went terribly wrong, and you were fired? Well, instead of thinking that you have bad luck, remember that now you have the chance to look for something better.

Meditate and seek calm

Meditate and seek calm

Finding inner and outer peace fills your mind with bliss. Internal peace helps you to accept yourself as you are, and your internal dialogue has the power to make you joyful. External peace improves your relationships with those around you.

This does not mean that you have to throw yourself into meditation and Buddhism. That’s not necessary at all. It’s just about understanding that everything you do has consequences for your life.

If you are a good person who always does good, you will attract good.

Allow your emotions to flow

Learn to show your emotions when you feel them. Not everything is perfect, and it’s normal for you to have some bad energy, like sorrow or rage, inside of you.

The important thing is to learn to let them out. As soon as you throw the negative out, there will be room to attract positive energy. Try different options until you find the one that works best for you:

  • Yell out loud
  • Punch a pillow
  • Cry
  • Go running
  • Do intense exercise

Think about how emotions are pure energy. So, take advantage of them to do something positive, like improving your health or reaching a new goal. If you are a person who clings to every emotion you experience, over time they will become a heavy burden.

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Surprise yourself periodically

Surprise yourself periodically

Every so often, maybe once a week or month, devote part of your income and your time to doing something different, something new:

  • Climb a mountain
  • Go to the beach
  • Visit the zoo
  • See a friend you haven’t contacted for a long time

The important thing is that you don’t plan it; it will be unexpected and spontaneous and enjoyable. You’ll see that this helps you attract positive energy without hardly any work.

Going out to do outdoor activities should be first on your list. They relax your mind and fill your lungs with fresh air. You’ll see in no time that you’ve somehow forgotten about all of your problems.


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