How to Treat Neck and Back Pain Naturally

November 6, 2019
Do you want to treat back and neck pain naturally? You should adopt a routine of exercises and new daily habits. Learn how in this article!

There are many things that can give put pressure on our necks and backs. Office jobs, bad posture, and use of technology to name just three. We need to release the pressure on our muscles and spine, and in today’s article you’ll find out how to treat neck and back pain naturally with several useful exercises.

Of course, many of these activities and devices can’t be eradicated from our lives. Instead, we need to incorporate exercises and activities that lessen the side effects caused by their continuous usage in our daily lives.

Nevertheless, before recommending adequate exercises for this problem, it’s important to know why we get this pain.

Muscular contractures trigger neck and back pain

Outline of spine and neck.

Contractures are injuries that originate when our muscles are tense for too long. When this happens, so-called “knots” appear. These are the result of our muscle’s incapacity to return to a relaxed state.

The muscular contractures intensify in relation to the strength of the muscles. Hence, the weaker they are, the more pain you’ll feel. We tend not to look after them as much as we should, and it’s only when we feel the pain that we remember they exist.

Therefore, doing exercises to lessen the tension and strengthen your muscles are essential. You will also need to make some changes in your life to eliminate stress; if not, your muscles will constantly be tense.

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Exercises that will help treat neck and back pain naturally

Before starting these exercises, be sure to sit in the correct position. It’s recommended that you adopt the lotus position, but if you can’t, make sure your back is very straight. Then, it’s time to practice breathing. It is very important to do this, because your body depends on it to get thoroughly oxygenated.

Ideally, you should breathe slowly. When you inhale, fill your abdomen and empty it when exhaling. This way, you will reach a state of relaxation that will eliminate tensions.

1. Turn your head left and right

  • Firstly, start turning your head side to side but keep your neck centered.
  • Be sure to remember that physical exercise should be gradual. Otherwise, the risk of injuries will increase considerably.
  • Repeat the exercise five times on each side.

2. Tilt your head back

Do this gently, with your back straight and neck centered.

  • Firstly, tilt your head backwards. After that, tilt it towards your chest.
  • Repeat the movement five times, just like you did before.

3. Lean your head from side to side

A woman tilting her neck.

This is all about making sure your ears are parallel with your arms. If you do this too roughly, you may feel a sensation of cramping or of a pulled muscle.

  • Firstly, make subtle movements and rest a few seconds with your neck in a central position.
  • Again, repeat five times.

4. Rotate your head to alleviate back pain

Now it’s time to make a complete circle, starting in the initial position. If your back curves or neck shifts, harmful pressure will be applied to your cervical spine.

  • Start rotating from the right and make sure that when you complete a rotation, your chin is touching your chest.
  • Complete five rotations and start again, this time from your left side.

5. Stretch your cervical spine

  • Rotate your face to the right and lower your jaw slightly without straining.
  • Then, take your hand to the upper backside of your head and push down gently. Make sure your arms are relaxed.
  • Hold the position for ten seconds.
  • Then do the same towards the left.

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6. Enjoy your free time

A group of happy friends.

Finally, we’d like to remind you that back and neck pain also tends to be stress-related. Therefore, besides these exercises, try to make time for yourself. Make a list of the activities you most enjoy and incorporate them as much as you possibly can into your daily life.

There are people who only allow themselves to have fun when obligations have been met. However, that makes it easy to enter a spiral of duty that never ends. For this reason, schedule time for fun and relaxation.

Good health is the combination of both a good physical and mental state. The moment any of the two areas lag behind, the other follows. We must try to get the balance in our lives.