8 Habits for Happy and Healthy Breasts

Although it might be exhausting or even boring, getting regular exercise is highly recommended when it comes to having healthy breasts because it promotes the release of toxins and prevents lymphatic system obstructions.
8 Habits for Happy and Healthy Breasts
Maricela Jiménez López

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Last update: 09 October, 2022

Healthy breasts are an essential part of the feminine silhouette and are a main feature of physical attraction. Breast tissue begins developing at the start of puberty and can continue well into adulthood. Breasts eventually become an important component of sexual attraction and pleasure.

However, just like any other part of the body, there are certain diseases that can affect your breast health throughout your life.

If you want to have healthy breasts, you must learn to be attentive to any irregularities or problems. In addition to that, it’s a good idea to adopt a series of healthy habits. These will help protect your breasts and, as a result, your health in general.

Today we want to share the eight most important habits that you can and should adopt straight away.

1. Massage for Healthy Breasts

Woman with blue and white floral bra performs a self massage on breasts healthy breasts

Regular breast massages are a great way to activate your lymphatic system and increase circulation in the breast tissue.

You start at each underarm and continue down the side of the body, ending with gentle pressure against the nipple.

Don’t confuse this massage with your monthly breast self-exams. However, remember that massage is also important when it comes to detecting any abnormalities.

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2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Women who are overweight or obese run twice the risk of developing breast cancer than those who maintain a healthy, stable weight.

You can manage your weight by eating a balanced diet, getting daily exercise, and practicing other healthy routines. This habit not only helps you keep healthy breasts; it also improves your health in general.

3. Exercise

Woman in gym using weight machines to strength train healthy breasts

Daily exercise is the most effective way to keep your lymphatic system from developing blockages because it facilitates the elimination of any toxins.

The National Cancer Institute has said that this habit may reduce your risk of cancer between 20% and 80%.

This practice also releases hormones that could protect you against the development of malignant cells in breast tissues. Additionally, it also helps maintain a healthy weight.

4. Sweating

The liquids that are released when you sweat contain waste products and toxins that your body doesn’t need and if not removed, can cause serious illness.

When you sweat thanks to exercising, using saunas, or doing other activities, it supports the function of your immune system and promotes healthy breasts.

5. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Glass of liquor on a table woman sleeping on bar

Consumption of alcohol in excess contributes to the build-up of toxins in your body and diminishes the performance of your excretory organs. As a result, fluid retention increases, elevating your risk of cancer along with other illnesses that result from your body’s inflammation response.

It’s been shown that drinking too much alcohol can increase your risk of breast cancer by 20%. Women who drink a glass of red wine a day, however, may protect their breasts thanks to the effects of resveratrol.

6. Know your Family History

It’s been estimated that more than 15% of diagnosed cases of breast cancer have a family history of the illness.

If a close family member has had this type of cancer, your risk of inheriting it is two to five times higher than the rest of the population.

The reason it’s important to know your family history is because you should undergo more regular checkups to detect any abnormalities as early as possible.

7. Have Regular Checkups

Doctor giving woman breast exam healthy breasts

There are a lot of diverse factors that can lead to the development of cancer, cysts, and other problems in the breasts. Therefore, you should have a medical exam at least once every three years.

After you turn 40, especially if you have a genetic predisposition for this type of cancer, studies show that you should have an exam once a year. It’s important that you begin regular checkups around 10 years before you are at the age your family member was at when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

8. Drink More Water

Daily consumption of water acts as fuel for your cells and plays a major role in the delivery of vitamins, minerals, and all the nutrients that they require.

Plain water helps detox your body and supports optimal function of your lymphatic and circulatory systems.

How much attention do you pay to your breasts? If you tend to neglect them a little, start by remembering these easy tips for healthy breasts.

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