6 Great Black Tea Remedies that You Need to Know

Did you know that black tea is one of the best drinks you can have every day? Combined with other ingredients, it can boost your defenses and strengthen your immune system.
6 Great Black Tea Remedies that You Need to Know

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Black tea is an ancient medicinal drink that’s very popular in many cultures. Its intense flavor and dark color hide many healing properties. It’s a great antioxidant, and also has stimulating and diuretic power.

Find out 6 combinations of black tea with other medicinal ingredients in this article. By mixing these plants, you’ll get even more therapeutic benefits to treat different mild disorders.

Try them for yourself!

Black Tea Remedies

1. Antioxidant black tea with lemon

Black tea with lemon.

Black tea stands out as a great antioxidant drink thanks to its flavonoids. These help you prevent and combat aging, which is caused by free radicals. They speed up aging, both inside and out.

Black tea with lemon is one of the most common combinations, both for taste and medical purposes.Lemons also delay cellular oxidation because of their vitamin C. In addition, if you want to make the tea sweeter, we recommend using stevia. That will also increase its antioxidants.

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2. Digestive black tea with mint

Drinking black tea after a meal is a good remedy to boost digestion. Thanks to its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s good for preventing diarrhea and other similar gastrointestinal disorders.

Also, you can combine your tea with mint leaves or fresh mint, just like in many Arab countries. This tea, in addition to being delicious, further enhances its digestive properties.

However, we don’t recommend drinking tea with food if you’re anemic since black tea interferes with iron absorption.In that case, make sure to not drink it with meals.

3. Hypoglycemic tea with stevia

Insulin resistance is a much more common problem than many people think.Among its symptoms include fat buildup in the belly, fatigue, insomnia and hair loss.

To prevent and treat this condition, in addition to preventing diabetes, you can consume things that reduce blood sugar levels. One of them is black tea, which is great because of its hypoglycemic power.

However, avoid sweetening it with sugar, because that would make the disorder even worse. The best way to sweeten tea is with stevia, a plant that also reduces blood sugar levels.

4. Stimulant tea with cinnamon and honey

Black tea with cinnamon and honey.

Black tea is a stimulating drink and is actually the most caffeinated type of tea. Therefore, by drinking this tea, you activate your body and mind to make you more awake and attentive. In addition, you can also use it to balance low blood pressure.

However, caffeine has a fast but limited effect. Therefore, we recommend combining black tea with Ceylon cinnamon and honey. Both ingredients are stimulants that don’t affect your nervous system. They give you energy and combat both mental and physical exhaustion naturally.

5. Strengthener tea with turmeric and coconut milk

If you need to strengthen your immune system and raise your defenses, you can also turn to black tea. However, we recommend combining it with two very effective medicinal ingredients: turmeric and coconut milk.

The result of this tea is a comforting drink that activates your metabolism, warms you up, and helps prevent all kinds of infections. In addition, it tastes delicious, whether you drink it hot or cold.

We recommend preparing black tea with turmeric first. After a few minutes, you can add coconut milk, and sweeten it with honey or stevia.

6. Diuretic tea with anise

The last remedy that we’ll show you in this article is for people who suffer from fluid retention, swelling, heaviness, inflammation and edema in different parts of the body.

By combining this tea with anise, in addition to getting a delicate aroma, you get a medicinal drink with diuretic properties. This way, you produce more urine and eliminate excess fluid from your body.

The most effective time to drink this tea is before breakfast or in between meals. You can drink two or three cups a day, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Also, you’ll notice results a few hours after drinking it.

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