Is it Good to Sleep with Socks On?

21 February, 2019
Going to sleep with socks on is a matter that people are very divided on. Read about the disadvantages and advantages, then make an informed opinion for yourself.

Going to sleep with socks on helps regulate your body temperature. This will prevent you from feeling cold in the middle of the night, and also from waking up.  In turn, you will rest better. It is said that half of the population goes to sleep with socks on.

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Some people need to have their feet “protected” no matter the time of year. Likewise, other people can’t even get to sleep in the wintertime if something is making them uncomfortable.

So, is it better to sleep with socks on, or without? Keep reading to find out.

How do you sleep?

Woman in bed with tea sleep with socks

You could say that there are just as many ways to sleep in the world as there are people.  Some people opt for pajamas, and other people just want more blankets on the bed.


Others choose to turn up the heat so they don’t have to use as many blankets. Likewise, in summer, other people prefer fans or air conditioning before taking everything off their bed, down to the sheets.

The same thing happens with socks. Basically, it’s a matter of preference.

We’re not trying to change your habits or tell you that what you’re doing is good or bad. Instead, we want to inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of going to sleep with socks or without.

Disadvantages of Going to Sleep With Socks On

Experts say that the disadvantages of going to sleep with socks include sweating too much on your feet at night.

Socks keep you warm at night, which could bring a few unwanted consequences:

  • Infections (fungus, athletes foot, peeling skin)
  • Poor blood circulation (if your socks are too tight around your ankles)
  • Your feet don’t get to rest as well since they aren’t “breathing”
  • Bad odors caused by your feet being covered all the time

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How to Sleep With Socks On

The good news is that to avoid all of these problems, we recommend changing your socks before going to bed.  This means that you should never wear the same socks to bed that you wore for the entire day.

This is not only because they’re dirty, but because they also accumulate sweat, bacteria, and they stain the sheets.  You’ll also need to use a type of sock that isn’t too tight on your feet or ankles and doesn’t cut off circulation.

Whenever possible, use cotton socks, or better yet, special socks that are used for flying or long trips.

On the other hand, if you want to sleep like a baby without waking up, it’s best to put on a pair of socks. Did you know that people who use socks at night feel better than those who cover themselves with more blankets?

This prevents any changes in body temperature, which can wake you up or prevent you from falling asleep. This is perfect for avoiding the need to get up and go to the bathroom in the early morning. Additionally, you will avoid bothering the person sleeping next to you!


The Ever-Forgotten Socks

Person in bed with socks on

No one can deny that this is the most forgotten article of clothing in your entire wardrobe.

They’re hidden behind shoes or pants, and you don’t want anyone to see you wearing them. They can even make you embarrassed when the time comes to be intimate with your partner, or going to a doctor’s visit.

Furthermore, let’s not even talk about when they creep out and show the whole world that they’re not matching! However, fashion companies are starting to pay more attention to socks, offering different designs, materials, and purposes.

Going to Sleep With Socks: A Cure-All?

One study from the Spanish Neurological Society showed that one of the best ways to rest well is to wear socks.

It seems like this simple habit allows you to better enjoy your regenerative sleeping hours and helps prevent chronic insomnia. You could even say that socks are magical and help you forget about your daily problems!


There are other reasons that people don’t sleep well though: physiological changes caused by age, traveling, being exposed to extreme temperatures, not being at home, or eating an improper diet.

There are a lot of “grandma remedies” for peaceful sleep that range anywhere from drinking tea to taking a warm bath, eating a light dinner or counting sheep. Nevertheless, going to sleep with socks on could quite simply be the cure for all of these sleep problems.

Of course, you’ll have to adopt other habits, like not exercising at night, avoiding coffee or soda at dinner, and not watching TV in bed.

It’s All a Matter of Temperature

Three women in bed see only the feet with socks on sleep with socks on

The steadfast naysayers to wearing socks while sleeping might change their minds if they read all the research done on it. We don’t even need to mention that getting plenty of rest helps strengthen your memory, recharge your batteries and even regenerate your skin.


However, in order to enjoy these benefits, your body temperature needs to stay consistent all night long. 

The temperature tends to decrease as the afternoon fades into the evening and the same happens with your body temperature.  This might be why, when going to bed, you only use one blanket but in the middle of the night you want to add another blanket.

Sleeping with Socks On Can Help You Relax

The clothing you choose to wear while sleeping is fundamental. Using socks or booties to keep your feet warm is healthy and necessary.

Just like during the day, if your feet are cold, your whole body will be. At night, you need to cover your lower extremities in order to be comfortable and feel warm.

If your feet are warm, the veins will dilate and the heat will spread throughout your entire body. The brain “understands” that everything is well, and begins to rest.

If, on the other hand, your feet are cold, your whole body will then feel cold. Your brain will have to work harder to regulate your body temperature. This makes you feel less relaxed, in a state of alertness, and it will make it harder to get to sleep.


We hope you can consider what you’ve read about going to sleep with socks on and make an informed decision. Whether you choose to wear socks to bed or not, we hope you sleep well and feel rested!

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