Fall Asleep Faster with Tangerine Peel Tea

26 December, 2019
Lack of sleep could cause chronic fatigue and disorders in your body. In order to perform properly and for the body to function properly, it is recommended that you sleep 7 hours or more.

Falling asleep can be very difficult for some people sometimes. This may be due to many causes, including stress or sleeping disorders. Today in this article, we will talk about a very effective sleep aid: tangerine peel tea.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time tossing and turning in bed, tangerine peel tea will make you fall asleep in five minutes.

But first, do you know what’s causing your insomnia? It’s very important to first determine the causes so that you can get rid of this problem at the root and recover your restful sleep.

What is Insomnia?

Not sleeping well? Try tangerine peel tea

Insomnia is a very common sleeping disorder.It happens when a person cannot fall asleep. This causes him to have little sleep and feel like s/he has not rested enough when s/he wakes up.

Lack of sleep causes changes in the body such as lack of energy, fatigue, difficulty paying attention and irritability. In addition to this, many processes in your body are affected by having only a few hours of rest.

There are some pharmacological products that combat insomnia. However, these can create dependence and disorders in your body. When they’re consumed very frequently and your body forms an addiction, it’s possible that the insomnia will reappear more severely once you stop taking them.

In order to avoid side effects and addiction, there’s nothing better than natural alternatives. That’s why we’re going to tell you how to make a delicious tangerine peel tea that you can use as a sleeping aid.

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What Are the Causes of Insomnia?

There can be various reasons for insomnia. Some of them include:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Worrying
  • Family problems
  • Financial problems
  • Working at night
  • Traveling long distances with constant schedule changes

No matter what the cause, fortunately, there are some natural remedies that you can take to help fight insomnia.

The Benefits of Tangerine Peel

Tangerine – or Mandarin orange – peels have multiple benefits. They treat problems with indigestion, stress, and gastric ulcers. What’s more, they lower cholesterol and blood glucose. They also help detoxify the liver and strengthen the immune system.

The amount of antioxidants they contain also helps fight the flu and colds. Additionally, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, they’re excellent at relieving pain and swelling.

Tangerine Peel Tea as a Sleeping Aid

Tangerine peel tea: a remedy to fall asleep in 5 minutes


  • A cup of water (250 ml)
  • 1 tablespoon of dried chamomile (15 g)
  • A tablespoon of dried lavender (15 g)
  • 1 tablespoon of dried Valerian (15 g)
  • The peel of a fresh tangerine


  • First, pour the equivalent of a cup of water into a pot and heat.
  • When it reaches a boil, add a tablespoon each of dried chamomile, dried lavender and dried Valerian.
  • Finally, add the tangerine peel and leave the mixture to boil for a few minutes.
  • Drink the hot tea just before going to bed.
  • In just 5 minutes, you’ll notice that this is an excellent sleeping aid, as the tangerine peel will act directly on one of the causes of insomnia: stress.

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If you feel calm and relaxed, it will be much easier for you to fall asleep. Try to clear your mind and push out all the distressing thoughts that can cause anxiety and depression, especially at night.

It’s also important that you understand that night is for sleep only. Once you become aware of this, you’ll get rid of the bad habits that are causing you to have insomnia. Don’t work at night, leave electronic devices alone, and concentrate on relaxing.

Take a break from your thoughts, otherwise you will not be able to sleep. If you have a problem, don’t think about it too much at night. It’s best for you to regain your strength so that you can think clearly about how to solve and face your problems the next day.

If you feel that falling asleep is getting more difficult to do, don’t hesitate to consult a specialist. S/he will give you relaxation therapies and meditation as well as help you find the root of your problem.

Remember that you can always find help. It’s not necessary to face your insomnia alone and with few resources.

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