The Gift of Being a Woman Over 40

You are finally at the point where you can allow yourself to grow and heal the wounds and issues that weren’t resolved during the first half of your life.
The Gift of Being a Woman Over 40

Last update: 12 May, 2022

A woman over 40 years old is characterized by the confidence she has in herself. Her body, along with her mind, have been forged by years of learning.


I’ve reached the age when things seem more calm, but I want to continue growing.

I’m old enough that my dreams are at my fingertips and my illusions become hope.

I’m at the age when love sometimes is like a bright flare, ready to be consumed by desire and passion. At other times it’s a haven of peace, like the sunset on a beach.

How old am I? The number doesn’t matter, because my goals have been achieved, and my tears from broken illusions lay fallen on the road I have taken…

They are worth much more than that.

So what if I’m twenty, forty, or sixty!

What matters is how old I feel.

I’m old enough to live free and without fear.

To follow my path unafraid, for I carry with me the experience I’ve attained and the strength of my goals.

How old am I? Who cares!

I’m old enough to leave fear behind me and do what I desire and feel.

Jose Saramago

She knows how to confront life with a sixth sense that escapes the rest of us, understanding that living is about loving others, and above all, loving herself.

She has skillfully accumulated experiences throughout her youth that enable her to tap into her essence, adding life to her years and enjoying them. In fact, it’s said that when a woman reaches 40, she begins to walk with a purpose, becoming a master of her own destiny while balancing her emotions and personality.

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Beautifully real

The women of my generation are the best. That’s a fact. Today they may be forty-something, and they’re beautiful – very beautiful – but also calm, understanding, sensible, and above all, devilishly seductive. All this, in spite of their little crow’s feet or the appearance of cellulite on their beautiful thighs, but that only makes them more human, so real…

Beautifully real.

Sharon Stone at 48.

The magic of being a woman over 40

There’s no doubt that being between the ages of 40 and 50 is a peculiar time, as you find yourself between two generations and realize just how fleeting life really is. This is the time when you realize that it’s your own consciousness that creates and destroys everything in your world.

In fact, at some point in this process, you establish a before and after in your life, something completely magnificent that must be appreciated. This is the time when you can afford to grow and heal any remaining emotional wounds or unfinished issues from the first half of your life.

A woman over 40 will know how to settle old accounts.

That is one of the biggest challenges you will face because your success depends on your sense of worth and that of those around you. This process requires a deep understanding of the parts of your psyche that need resolution.

Because of this, when you turn 40, you begin to understand that each person in your life plays a specific role. Some are there to test you, others will use you. Still others will love and teach you.

There will also be people made of steel who will bring out the best in you. They will provide you with a mirror so you can see yourself more clearly.
You will know many people of each type. Above all, you’ll remember at each lessons that made up the uniqueness that is you during this stage of your life.

Feeling obligated to serve others leads to exhaustion and resentment

There are many women who bake, make coffee or tea, and clean the house simply because it’s what is expected of them. In fact, they feel guilty if they don’t play this role and may even believe that they’ve failed as an individual or woman.

Society has destroyed the right to individuality for many members of the female genders. However, if you want to heal yourself you can still do it if you’re over 40. You have the right to rebel against the social and personal expectations that imprison you.

A woman over 40 is in control of her emotions.
Your role in this societal shift is essential. You must confront the status quo to prevent future generations of women from being subjected to it because that’s the only way to avoid watching them make the same mistakes. It’s the only way to keep from falling into the same trappings of a role that’s expected of you.

Live your life in excess, don’t lie down and commit yourself to sacrifice to the point that you lose your ability to see the beauty of life. You will never experience emotional freedom that way.

Over 40, you breathe fresh air…

Contrary to popular belief, the life of a woman over 40 isn’t filled with suffering or the loss of vitality. The sum of all your years includes many lessons. Among them is the fact that without emotional health, you can’t be physically healthy.

As you continue adding years to your life, don’t forget that you can’t separate your feelings from your daily activities and relations with others. That’s the only way to truly be in charge of yourself.

Giving yourself the freedom to trust in yourself is something that can be truly frightening. But an experienced woman already understands that mysteries are a part of the wonders of the world around us and that we can’t know everything by taking a strictly physical view.

Among the gifts of being a woman over 40 is living with temperance and wisdom that comes from knowing you can nourish yourself and others thanks to your self-awareness.

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