Get Rid of Fluid Retention with Pineapple, Cucumber, and Horsetail

The combination of horsetail tea with pineapple and cucumber eliminates retained fluids, while also offering vital minerals and nutrients for optimum health. Try it out!
Get Rid of Fluid Retention with Pineapple, Cucumber, and Horsetail

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Get rid of fluid retention naturally with diuretic foods such as pineapple, cucumber, and horsetail.

Find out below what they can do for your body and how to consume them daily to eliminate retained fluids, lose weight, and relieve bloating.

Get rid of fluid retention by eating well

People with fluid retention issues usually look for supplements or diuretic remedies to get rid of bloating.

When you lose fluids, you’ll notice a change on the scale. That number can go back up, however, due to different factors like excess salt or a sedentary lifestyle.

Some disorders related to inflammation can also be improved with diuretic food since it reduces the excess fluid accumulated in the affected area. This is also the case with gout and arthritis.

Some foods with diuretic abilities can be added to your daily diet to naturally balance out fluids in your body.

It’s also very helpful to drink water outside of meals to encourage good kidney function. It’s advisable to drink at least 8 glasses a day, especially when it’s hot out.

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Some pieces of pineapple on a plate.

Pineapples are a sweet, acidic tropical fruit with a refreshing touch and high amounts of water and fiber.

The fruit is often found in weight loss diets because it improves digestion of proteins and fats, and it is very filling.

Its high soluble fiber content encourages intestinal movement and fights constipation,

Pineapples owe their detoxifying and diuretic abilities to a few nutrients in particular, such as:

In addition, they also contain antioxidants and anti-cancer compounds while improving blood circulation too.

To take advantage of all of this, always choose fresh pineapple, not canned. You can enjoy them in homemade juices or smoothies, salads, in desserts, baked, or topped with cinnamon, ginger, and brown sugar.


Some slices of cucumber.

Cucumbers, used as a medicinal food in ancient Egypt (and as a beauty product by Cleopatra), are a gentle, very refreshing garden vegetable from the same family as melons, squash, and pumpkins.

One of its most usual uses in natural beauty treatments is to apply slices of cucumber onto closed eyes. This will reduce inflammation and under-eye bags, specifically because they get rid of retained liquids in your body.

Cucumbers are almost entirely water and contain very few calories, making them great for weight loss diets.

You can make a salad with cucumbers and other vegetables or use them in juices and gazpacho. They are excellent for hydrating your body and eliminating fluids in the summer.

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Some loose horsetail herb.

Horsetail is a popular medicinal plant rich in a great variety of minerals, like silicon, potassium, and magnesium. It grows wild near rivers and damp areas, making it easy to find.

This plant helps to get rid of fluid retention and stimulates the production of urine while avoiding the mineral loss that other diuretics cause.

Its wealth of minerals makes horsetail an ideal plant for improving your skin health and appearance, as well as that of your hair and nails, and it helps prevent osteoporosis and dental problems.

In addition, it is a hemostatic agent, good at stopping hemorrhages.

You can take it as a supplement, extract, or in tea form. You can also make a tea by boiling dried horsetail in water for 15 minutes.

If you collect it yourself, you can blend up the stalks and enjoy them with fruit.

A complete smoothie

Do you want to have these three diuretic ingredients in a smoothie to get rid of fluid retention naturally and effectively?

  • We recommend making horsetail tea, and once strained, blend with the pineapple and cucumber
  • This is a great way to enjoy this tasty medicinal remedy

The best time of day to drink this smoothie is on an empty stomach, without any other food, in order to enhance its detoxifying and diuretic abilities.

We don’t recommend taking horsetail for an extended amount of time, but, rather, use it for a certain length of time as a detoxifier.

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