Get Rid of Your Double Chin with Clay and Cucumber

The combination of green clay and cucumber can help you to get rid of toxins and drain them out of your body, while simultaneously moisturizing and remineralizing your skin, making it much firmer.
Get Rid of Your Double Chin with Clay and Cucumber

Last update: 15 December, 2022

A double chin is an accumulation of fatty tissue under the chin. Given how unaesthetic this feature is, it’s definitely an issue to worry about. It is oftentimes just one more effect of being overweight and having flabby tissue. However, in other cases, it may be the result of a more serious health problem.

In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know in order to get rid of your double chin for good. To do so, we’ll be showing you an excellent homemade remedy using green clay and cucumber.

Benefits of clay for your double chin

One of the factors that influences whether or not you will end up with a double chin is poor lymphatic drainage. This causes fats and toxins to build up under your chin. In order to make it easier for these substances to make their way out of your body through your skin pores, you should take advantage of the excellent properties of clay.

In the past, clay was used for lots of different health problems. Nowadays, we have tons of different types of clean clay. The most commonly used versions are green and red clay. You can use either of these to treat a double chin.

Clay will provide you with three main benefits:

  • A reduction in swelling in the area, which is helpful if your double chin is the result of tension in your jaw muscles.
  • It gets rid of toxins and drains them through your skin pores.
  • It remineralizes the skin, providing it with the nutrients it needs to be healthy.
A woman with a clay mask.

Benefits of cucumber

Cucumber is a food which is able to tone up the skin, allowing you to combat the flabby skin that may start appearing under your chin as the years go by.

Cucumber is used as a toner in this natural treatment because, in addition to making the skin firmer, it also does a great job of moisturizing it. For this treatment, you will need a cucumber with its peel, as we’ll explain in the following section.

Some slices of cucumber.

How do you make it?

  • For this remedy, you will need powdered clay and fresh cucumber juice. If you don’t have a blender, you can beat the cucumber and then drain it. Set the cucumber peel aside for later use.
  • Instead of preparing the powdered clay with water, mix it with the cucumber juice.This will allow you to boost the effects of the mask that you’ll apply on the double chin area.
  • Remember that, in order to maintain the effects of the clay, you should not use any container or utensil made out of plastic or metal. Go for items made out of glass, clay or wood.
  • Keep adding cucumber juice until the mixture is spreadable, and mix it until it is lump-free. Don’t leave it too dry, because you need to be able to spread it on. Don’t make it too moist, either, because it will just run off your face.

How do you apply it?

  • Firstly, apply one layer of this mixture on your double chin. Aim for a layer that measures about half a centimeter, and then let it set until it dries completely, about half an hour. During this time, try not to speak or move around.
  • Then, remove the mask with warm water, and finally, apply cold water to close up your pores.
  • After drying off your skin, apply the inner side of the cucumber peel that you previously set aside to the entire area. This will allow you to fully take advantage of the moisturizing and invigorating effects of this vegetable. Plus, it will help to calm your skin, which may be a bit red.
  • Once your skin dries off, apply your standard moisturizing skin lotion.

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Repeat this treatment every 2 or 3 days for at least one month. After that amount of time has gone by, you can start spacing out the treatment according to the results that you have achieved.

A woman asleep in the sun.

Final note

For best results, you should combine this homemade remedy with other tips that we have shared in other articles:

  • A balanced diet that is rich in antioxidants
  • Facial exercises to relax and tone up the double chin area
  • Naturally treat hypothyroidism, if you suffer from this condition, because it may be related to your double chin
  • Protect your skin from the sun
  • Maintain good posture when seated
  • Naturally treat bruxism, if you suffer from jaw tension
  • If you suffer from obesity, you should gradually start changing your diet, but try not to lose the weight too fast, because this could cause your skin to become flabby, putting you at a greater risk of rebounding back to your original weight.

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