Why is Frozen Lemon Therapy So Good for Your Health?

In our blog we have often mentioned the wonderful benefits of drinking lukewarm water with lemon in the mornings, but did you know there are also medicinal qualities in frozen lemon? It is a very popular technique where we can take full advantage of all the properties this healthy fruit can provide.

The frozen lemon therapy’s main secret is being able to use, in a simple and delicious way, the part of the lemon that can do so much for our health: the rind or peel. Do you want to know how? We will explain below.

Why is the frozen lemon therapy so beneficial?

In the first place we must explain why it is called the frozen lemon therapy. Many people suffering from cancer usually use this remedy as a “complement” to their chemotherapy sessions. The reason is based on lemons’ antioxidant power to fight the malignant cells and in its ability to protect the natural defenses. These cancer patients undergo, as you know, some very aggressive treatments that seriously attack the immunological system.

Thus, it is a very useful treatment in these cases. However, we cannot say this is a 100% effective anticancer remedy; it is, as we’ve said, a complementary therapy that can help in these cases, both to prevent tumors and to counteract the effects of chemotherapy.

However, the anticancer power of frozen lemon is not its only virtue. We will explain a few more. Why don’t you try them?

1. A natural treasure of vitamins

The lemon peel has at least 10 times more vitamins than its juice! It is really interesting to know that it is in its own outer layer of this medicinal fruit where its best virtues are hidden, those that usually escape us because we do not consume it, we always throw out the peel and only retain the juice.

Do you want to know what types of vitamins the frozen lemon therapy is going to help you get?

  • Pectin
  • Vitamin C
  • Flavonoids like tangerine
  • More than 22 different compounds capable of slowing cell oxidation.

2. Protect and strengthen the immunological system

This is wonderful. The frozen lemon therapy is going to fight many of the daily illnesses to which we are constantly exposed, such as the classic cold, infections, flus There are many people that prepare themselves, for example, with rich infusions from the lemon peel, but it is important to know that by cooking the lemon it loses up to 40% of its properties. On the other hand, if it is frozen, we conserve all of its benefits and it is easy to consume. And it’s also delicious!

3. Frozen lemon to lose weight

As you know, the lemon is a very useful fruit to help detox the body and also to fight the presence of lipids in the blood that cause bad cholesterol, and which are stored as fat in our body. According to what nutritionists tell us, it would be good to consume about 75 grams (2.65 ounces) of lemon each day to help lose weight in a healthy way, always accompanying this with a healthy diet. Why not try it?

How do you prepare frozen lemon?

lemon, knife and grater

Preparing your frozen lemon therapy is so simple that you will not be able to go without this natural remedy in your daily routine, and not only because is it easy to prepare but because of its flavor and the original dishes you can prepare with it. Take note of what you need to do:

What do I need?

  • 2 lemons
  • A grater

How do I prepare it?

It is as simple as placing 2 lemons in your freezer for one entire day. There is nothing secret about that. Some prepare to cut them in two or three parts beforehand, to make it easier to grate them afterward, but it is recommended to freeze them whole.

How do I consume my frozen lemons?

Yoghurt with fruit

As we have indicated before, it is ideal to consume 75 grams (2.65 ounces) of frozen lemon each day. To do this, what you will do is grate the lemons once they are completely frozen, in order to consume all of them. Immediately you will notice its natural fragrance and you can include them in your dishes to give an original touch with is really delicious. We will provide you with a few simple examples of how you can consume them:

  • Include 25 grams (0.8 ounces) of frozen grated lemon in natural yoghurt without sugar.
  • Add 25 grams (0.8 ounces) of frozen grated lemon to your salad for lunch, where you can include spinach, nuts, fresh cheese, a few pieces of salmon and a few cherry tomatoes.
  • You can add frozen grated lemon to any of your fresh infusions, such as a chilled green tea or another chilled natural drink, ideal for the mid-afternoon.
  • Frozen lemon also combines well in any fruit salad that you make. Such as, for example, a delicious option is to prepare a bowl of chopped pineapple, three strawberries, half a kiwi, chopped nuts and about 25 grams (0.8 ounces) of frozen grated lemon on top.

The frozen lemon technique helps us, as you can see, to make use of the benefits of the rind or peel, which we usually throw out. Remember that, from now on, you no longer have an excuse: you and your family can now enjoy an “iron” health thanks to this simple remedy. Why not put two lemons in your freezer today?

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