3 Signs that You Really Love Your Partner

Are you having doubts about whether you really love your partner? Find out what are the main signs that show that a person really feels love.
3 Signs that You Really Love Your Partner

Last update: 24 August, 2022

Some things in life are essential for all human beings, such as loving and being loved. However, at certain times you may be flooded with doubts about whether you really love your partner and if they love you. This is normal in relationships.

Relationships undergo certain changes throughout life. Distance, work, home, children… everything influences it. And of course relationships aren’t always the same, because everyone also experiences and feels things differently.

So, how do you know that you still feel the same way about your partner?

What if you don’t feel the same way about your partner?

Doubting if you love your partner is a serious issue.
Relationships change and so do people. Having doubts about your relationship is normal.

First of all, the first step is accepting the possibility that what you feel isn’t love. Accepting the possibility that your relationship could end is brave.

Nobody is guilty of not feeling love. Although your partner may want more, you can’t force yourself to feel things that you don’t feel.

Hesitating isn’t a bad thing. In addition, know that there will be moments when both of you might feel distanced. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your relationship.

Don’t feel guilty for analyzing things and being more introspective about your feelings. For better or for worse, the important things is to accept the reality of what you’re feeling and not fool yourself. Take all the time you need to do so.

Three signs that you really love your partner

Here are three basic signs that’ll help you clarify your feelings about your partner.

1. If you really love your partner, you always think about them

A clear indication that you really love your partner is when they’re in your thoughts. The memory unites, attracts, evokes and feeds the desire to be together.

Thus, a sign to dispel doubt about whether you love that person is when you see something and think “I’m sure they’d love this” or “They’d find this is hilarious.”

If on the contrary, if you think about being with someone else or constantly think about your ex, it’s time to reflect. Sometimes, there are circumstances from the past that weren’t resolved, other expectations that are too high or sometimes a fear of not being with someone else that leads us to start a relationship with another person that isn’t based on love.

2. Your partner empowers you

Feeling understood, free and at ease are signs that indicate that the other is committed to you and your relationship and that you’re comfortable and feel safe. Empathy and respect are fundamental attitudes for love to flow and continue to grow.

At times, difficulties or differences of opinion may arise, it’s true, but if you try to understand each other and reach a solution or negotiation together, it’s a good sign. The important thing in the end is that you accept each other.

With love comes a tendency to be better people and to evolve both individually and together. For example, the desire to undertake new projects, the illusion of decorating your house, going to dinner at your favorite restaurant or walking or traveling together are signs that there’s true love.

3. There’s mutual trust

Jealousy can have devastating effects on a relationship. So, in the face of mistrust, you should stop and think: do you really have a reason to be jealous or is it something that’s only in your mind and arises from past wounds?

Reason and rationalize how you feel. A loving couple trusts each other and knows that, despite the past, there’ll be no cheating or infidelity.

A happy couple looking into each other's eyes.
Trusting the other person is key to nurturing the bond of the relationship.

True love isn’t a fantasy

It may seem like an obvious statement, but it isn’t. True love, the real deal, goes through good and bad phases. You have the right to have doubts about whether you love your partner, experience ups and downs and sometimes even feel attracted to others.

Love isn’t perfect, like in the movies. Furthermore, there are many types of relationships and many ways of loving. The important thing is to respect each other, to feel full and happy by their side and to communicate when difficulties arise. These are the main signs that’ll prove that what you feel is true love.

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