Five Must-Have Elements for Your Entrance Hall

Many people usually don’t take advantage of their entrance halls. In this article, discover some ideas to make the most of your entrance hall!
Five Must-Have Elements for Your Entrance Hall

Last update: 26 May, 2022

The entrance hall is the perfect introduction to your home for your guests. Just as you care about showing your best face every day and dressing according to the occasion, you should decorate your entrance hall so that it shows your personality and is both practical and nice.

Have you ever thought about the things that shouldn’t be missing from your entrance? Have you analyzed what elements are the first your guests see? Read on to discover the elements that you need in your entrance hall.

How to decorate your entrance hall

Your entrance hall shouldn’t only be welcoming and nice, but it must also give guests a glimpse of the overall decoration of your home. In addition, it should be practical! As we explained above, it’s important for it to perform the functions it was created for.

For this reason, below, we’ll talk about the things that make your life easier and that you must have in your entrance. Take note!

1. Storage space

A shoerack at an entrance hall.
Leaving some room for your shoes and coats will keep your home organized.

What’s the first thing you want to do when you come home at night after a hard day at work? Yes, exactly, take off your coat and shoes. Therefore, it’s important to have a closet in your entrance hall. This way, you’ll avoid the mess and take care of your clothes and shoes!

The closet doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to have enough space to allow you to store coats and shoes. In fact, you can even place a wooden coat rack on the wall and a shoe rack or plastic tray underneath to store your shoes. Shelves can also be an excellent way to keep things organized.

Also, it’s a good idea to place a basket for umbrellas. This way, you won’t wet your entire house on rainy days! The same goes for your keys. Where do you normally leave them? A key chain on the wall can be the solution.

As you can see, having a storage space at your entrance hall is practical and necessary! Your guests will thank you, and your home will no longer be cluttered.

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2. A bench for resting

The entrance of a home.
A bench at your entrance hall gives your home a homey touch and provides a place to comfortably take your shoes off.

We suggest that you include a small bench in your entrance hall so that you can sit down and put on (or take off) your shoes. In Spain and Latin American countries, people aren’t used to taking off their shoes before entering their home but it’s a great idea!

In countries such as Japan, Germany, or Switzerland, people take off their shoes before entering their homes or the homes of others. This way, you prevent dirt from the street from entering and staining your floors.

Place a small rustic wood bench or a small chair at your entrance hall. Even a stool can help avoid anyone losing their balance while putting on or taking off their shoes.

3. A doormat

A doormat with the "Home Sweet Home" phrase.
Doormats help keep your home clean by removing dirt particles.

Doormats are beautiful and very practical for removing excess moisture and dirt from shoes. Thus, a doormat will help you keep your home a little cleaner.

Choose a doormat according to your home’s decor and personality. They come in every imaginable design, including phrases and designs. You choose!

4. Good lighting

An orange lamp.
A bright entrance hall makes your home feel comfortable.

As we mentioned above, the entrance hall of your home is the first impression that your visitors will have of you. Don’t you think it’s important for it to be well-lit? Warm light is more welcoming than a dark home!

Make sure that your lamps give good light. If not, you can fix this problem with a beautiful floor lamp! If you have a wide corridor, you can even place a table with a lamp on top.

5. A mirror

Two oval mirrors.
In addition to being a great decorative element, a mirror is handy to look at yourself before leaving your home.

Mirrors go perfectly well with any interior design and are functional because they allow you to check how you look just before you leave your home. You can place a full-length mirror or a small one. The choice is yours!

As in the case of doormats, there are many options on the market that complement any decor: oval, round, square, framed or unframed, and any color… Maybe you’ve already got an idea of what type would look good in your entrance hall.

Now that you know the five must-have elements for your entrance hall, it’s time to get the ball rolling! Dazzle your guests with lovely decor and make your entrance hall a dreamy place! A cozy entrance hall is sure to cheer you up after a long hard day.

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