Facial Exercises to Look Younger

The skin on your face needs special care and a series of different treatments to help keep it looking young and beautiful for longer. However, despite the huge number of costly treatments on the market, or the idea that you should follow a healthy lifestyle, you should definitely be doing facial exercises to keep your facial muscles resilient and firm, which will also keep your skin from getting wrinkly and flabby too early in life.

Facial exercise means practicing a series of healthy exercises that will help keep your skin looking firm, while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to prevent premature signs of aging. If you put these facial exercises into practice, they will help you minimize smile lines, droopy eyelids and all those signs that, as time goes by, make you look older.

Facial exercises to prevent droopy eyelids


The main goal of these facial exercises is to tone up the oculi muscle in the eyelids (orbicularis oculi) so that you can prevent droopy eyelids.

How do I do it?

Place your pointer fingers right between your eyebrows, and place your thumbs under your eyes. Gently move your pointer fingers upwards while you move your thumbs downwards, applying slight pressure to both points while your tightly squeeze your eyes shut. Perform this exercise for 40 seconds before resting.

Exercises to tone and get rid of a double chin

Working the platysma muscle is one great way to reduce or get rid of a double chinThis area on our face tends to hang down and wrinkle up very easily. That’s why it’s important to do these exercises on a regular basis.

How do I do it?

Place your hand at the bottom of your neck and look forward. Then, point your chin upwards and touch your upper lip with your tongue. Stay in this position for 30 seconds before resting.

Exercises to reduce and prevent forehead wrinkles

facial massage to get rid of wrinkles

If you want to reduce and prevent forehead wrinkles, you definitely need to exercise your forehead (frontalis) and occipital (occipitalis) muscles. To do so, we recommend trying out the following facial exercise.

How do I do it?

Place your hands on your temples and gently push downwards, as if you were moving toward the tip of your eyebrows, while simultaneously trying to raise your eyebrows. Stay in this position for 30 seconds before resting.

Exercises to reduce lines around your mouth

Lines around the mouth develop over time, and they tend to be quite noticeable after a certain point in our lives. To reduce the appearance of these lines, we recommend that you regularly perform the following exercise.

How do I do it?

Make an “O” shape with your lips and press them against your teeth. Then, slide your pointer fingers up and down, starting at either end of your mouth and moving toward your nose. Perform this exercise 50 times.

Other facial exercises to rejuvenate your face

premature wrinkles

Facial exercises stimulate blood circulation, help get rid of toxins, improve skin tone and help prevent the early appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

In addition to the previously mentioned exercises, there are other helpful movements that you should try incorporating into your facial exercise routine.

  • Say your vocals: You should exaggerate your expression when you do this, meaning that you should open your mouth as wide as possible and stick with the sound for at least a few seconds.
  • Seal your lips: Seal your lips and fill your mouth with air to stretch out and put pressure on the muscles around your mouth.
  • Frown: In order to do this, you should keep your lips together so that you can exercise all the facial muscles involved in this movement, as well as the muscles in your neck. This is a great way to prevent wrinkles from popping up on your face, and is ideal for reducing that double chin.
  • Eyebrow exercise: Place your fingers over your eyebrows and apply slight pressure to them so that, when you try to furrow your brow, you are unable to. You should also try to raise your eyebrows while maintaining this pressure as a way to make the exercise a bit more difficult. These simple movements will strengthen the muscles around your forehead and eyes.

Final recommendations…

  • If you want to get good results when it comes to facial exercises, you need to perform these exercises at least 3 times per week, although, ideally, you should perform them every day. Try to gradually increase the number of minutes you maintain each exercise, meaning you should spend a maximum of about 10 to 15 minutes per day doing these exercises.
  • If you want to perform these exercises correctly, we recommend doing them in front of a mirror so that you can adopt the correct posture.
  • Remember that, just like any exercise for other parts of your body, you will only achieve visible results if you complement these exercises with a healthy diet and a good sleep routine, while staying away from harmful habits.
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