Are Your Eyelashes Falling Out? Discover the Causes and Natural Treatments

February 9, 2018
Did you know that nutritional deficiencies that result from a poorly balanced diet can cause eyelashes to fall out? Aim to improve your diet to prevent it from happening to you
Eyelashes falling out may be a problem because they have a protective role that many of us take lightly. Because they line the eyelids, lashes are responsible for preventing particles from entering the eyes.

They have always been a main component in the world of beauty mostly because long, curved lashes embellish a gaze, making it more attractive.

While the size and volume of eyelashes varies according to every person, almost everyone wants their lashes to be thick and noticeable.

The problem that, much like with hair, there are factors that weaken them, causing too many to fall out.

This situation isn’t only an aesthetic problem. Over time, it could actually lead to eye infections.

In light of this, today we want to review some main causes and naturally-derived remedies that’ll strengthen your lashes.

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Reasons why eyelashes fall out

Eyelashes can fall out for one or various reasons. For the most part, there isn’t just one cause that explains everything.

Excessive makeup

Using too many makeup products on lashes is one of the main reasons that makes them brittle and fall out.

Low-quality and waterproof mascaras, as well as eyelash curlers tend to thin out lashes and eventually cause them to fall out.

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Sleeping without removing makeup

eyelashes falling out

Eyelashes, just like hair, need to be free from foreign substances in order to breathe correctly.

For this very reason, going to bed without removing makeup makes lashes brittle. They become so brittle that they fall out, and can do so in alarming amounts.

Makeup allergies

All skin types are different. This means that some may see allergic reactions while using certain cosmetic products.

If the mascara you’re using is too aggressive for the roots of your lashes, it can cause them to fall out.


Continual exposure to stressful situations is related to loosing hair and eyelashes.

There’s no external treatment for these kinds of situations except for when an external factor directly causes an emotional imbalance.

Nutritional deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies

Insufficient absorption of certain essential nutrients hinders lash growth and can cause lashes to fall out.

Make sure to include sources of the following nutrients in your diet:

  • Vitamins A, B and E
  • Minerals like magnesium and iron
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • High-quality proteins

Hormonal changes

A hormonal imbalance can lead to weakened lashes. We’d like to remind you that, although we don’t think about them much, hormones are responsible for regulating many processes in your body.

Natural treatments to stop lashes from falling out

There are many strengthening treatments available that can counteract this problem. However, to avoid spending too much, we can also turn to a number of natural treatments.

Vitamin E capsules

Vitamin E capsules

The oil in vitamin E capsules help regenerate eyelashes when they’re harmed by the chemicals found in makeup products.

Applying this vitamin to your lashes can help thicken them and, over time, stimulate their growth.


  • Break a vitamin E capsule and rub the oil on lashes by using fingertips.
  • Repeat use each night before going to bed.

Castor oil

Rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and amino-acids, castor oil is one of the best natural solutions for keeping lashes beautiful and strong.


  • Dip a small, clean brush or a cotton swap in the oil. Rub it on your lashes from the roots to the tips.
  • Leave it on, without washing off, and apply each night after taking off your makeup.

Almond oil

Almond oil

Almond oil contains essential vitamins and minerals that strengthen eyelashes, minimizing loss.


  • Wet fingertips with oil and rub it gently over eyelashes.
  • Use 2 times a day, every day.

Petroleum jelly

You might not believe it, but a product like petroleum jelly can also be very useful to achieve full, hydrated lashes.


  • Scoop out a little petroleum jelly with fingertips and rub it on lashes, starting with the roots and working up.
  • Repeat use every night before sleeping.

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Olive oil

Olive oil

The fatty acids of olive oil are powerful moisturizers that help regenerate eyelashes to reduce the damage they might receive from everyday surroundings.


  • Heat up a little olive oil.
  • When it’s warm, apply it on lashes by using a clean mascara wand.
  • Repeat its use every night before going to bed.

Are you eyelashes falling out? Try these naturally-derived treatments and see how you don’t have to spend a fortune to control it.

If the problem persists, consult a doctor. Certain diseases may cause eyelashes to fall out.