Eye Bags? Hide Them Naturally!

· November 14, 2014

Eye circles, just like eye bags, can be very frustrating as they are unattractive, make you appear older and more tired, and are difficult to get rid of. Bags under our eyes can appear for a number of reasons, such as a sleepless night, genetics, allergies, reactions to medication or even fluid retention. Learn how to hide eye bags and eye circles naturally without having to resort to surgery.

Tips on How to Say Goodbye to Eye Circles and Bags


  • Firstly, you should have a balanced diet that is low in sodium and drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
  • Sleep face up so that water doesn’t accumulate around your eyes (which is what causes eye bags). To prevent eye bags, you have to sleep for at least 8 consecutive hours.
  • Put two spoons in the freezer and leave them there all night. When you wake up in the morning, lie down face up and put the spoons underneath your eyes. Leave them there for five minutes until they aren’t cold any longer. Swelling will go down because the below zero temperature will make blood vessels contract and reduce swelling.
  • Apply hemorrhoid cream underneath your eyes once a day, preferably in the morning, to reduce eye circles. Its anti-inflammatory agents will make swelling go down.
  • Put a cloth in a cup of cold green tea and put it on your eyes. Let sit for 20 minutes. It is best for when you get home from work. The tea will increase circulation in the area and reduce swelling.


  • When you wake up, spray your eyes with water. Then put a raw potato or a cucumber slice on each one. Let sit for 10 minutes and it will reduce the ugly appearance of your eyes. You should repeat it three times a week.
  • With your ring finger, lightly hit the area underneath your eyes, from the inside to the outside, 10 times on each eye, once a day. It will help you release fluid accumulation and increase circulation.
  • Take two egg whites and put them underneath your eyes and allow them to dry out. Rinse them off with lukewarm water and dry them by hitting them lightly. The vitamin B from eggs will improve circulation.

Effective Treatments for Eye Circles

Eye circles are a classic symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle. It could be due to your nutrition being poor, you not sleeping well or having insomnia problems, or because you have skin problems. In order to prevent eye bags, keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Get enough sleep: allow your body to recover, as well as your skin and mind.
  • Drink a lot of water: this will make your skin remain smoother and tighter. You will also be hydrated and remove toxins.
  • Eat healthy: your diet is intimately related to skin problems. In order to look radiant and not suffer from eye bags, eat more vitamins and minerals. Your skin will be radiant as a result.
  • Use a natural whitener to remove pigmentation. You can take advantage of potato or cucumber juice: entire slices of both vegetables will give you more instantaneous benefits.
  • Use tea bags: any kind, but the common type is good. Make an infusion as usual but let it sit and chill. Soak a rag in it and apply it underneath your eyes. You can also put the cold bag directly on your eye. This will reduce swelling.
  • Make a honey paste with a tablespoon of powdered milk and apply it to the area. Let sit for 15 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water.

Makeup Tricks to Cover Up Eye Bags

While you are “waiting” for the homemade remedies and good habits to show results for eye circles and bags, you can take advantage of makeup tricks to hide these common face problems.

Good makeup can do miracles for your skin, don’t forget it. You will find a ton of products for eye circles in stores, however they aren’t always food for your skin or will make you seem like you have a face full of makeup.

Makeup covers a lot but people that have a very pale complexion have a big problem with it because there is never really a tone that matches it. If you aren’t a professional in the art of makeup, you may suffer from what is known as the “raccoon effect”. This is when you have a lighter or darker tone around your eyes.


To prevent this and also hide those ugly eye bags, once your face is dry and moisturized, apply your normal base by lightly touching your skin with your fingertips. In this way, you will cover up the eye bags and make sure they aren’t seen. Then, let sit for a few minutes and continue putting on makeup. This is so you prevent the top layer “smear” the base. We recommend putting makeup on your whole face except the area around the eye circles. In this area, you should put on a lighter layer with a brush.

You will get coverage that is as opaque as the base underneath your eyes in the same tone and prevent spots in this area. In order to prevent the raccoon effect, there are lighter or more sparkly mineral eye shadows to give light and blurred touches, to even out your face.

If you notice that there is a lighter tone where your eye bags are, you can compensate with a little bit of blush on your cheeks to prevent the focus from being where you don’t want it. You can also put more lipstick on, a bright color for example, like red.

Images courtesy of Rochelle Hartman, Nicolas Sanguinetti, Romana Klee, Anna Hirsch.