Remedies for Bags Under Eyes and Crow’s Feet

· November 6, 2014

Eyes and a gaze are a very special part of the face that says a lot of things about the individual.  They can greatly improve someone’s appearance if cared for naturally.  Eyebrows and eyelashes can easily be taken care of, but eliminating bags under eyes and crow’s feet is more complicated.  We are going to explain a few natural and home remedies in this article for eliminating these marks that shadow and age eyes, so they can look perfect everyday.

A delicate area

The face is an area in the body that requires special care because it suffers more of the effects of passing time, climate, etc.  And one of the most delicate ares in the face is the area surrounding the eyes, as this skin is very thin and tends to show a night of insomnia, poor diet, a tendency to retain fluids, or even the first wrinkles.  These marks age the face a lot, and make one’s appearance seem less bright and young.  That’s why you need to take more special care of this area.

People generally use cosmetic products that are specific to this area.  If possible, they use the most natural products possible, made with organic ingredients that are free of alcohol, paraffin, parabens, and other petroleum-based products, etc.


The relation to the liver

When you see the first lines appear that mark impending crow’s feet, you should keep in mind that your liver is the organ related to those wrinkles.  When bags under your eyes contain fact and not water, they too are then related to the liver.

You should give them special care with the following remedies:

  • Take a natural milk thistle supplement.  This medicinal plant helps regenerate the liver.  Individuals who have been diagnosed with serious liver problems should take caution with this supplement.
  • Avoid harmful dietary fats: fried food, trans fats, dairy creams, red meat, etc.
  • Apply heat to the area over your liver (right side of your ribs) every night before going to bed.
  • Season your meals with fresh lemon juice.
  • In some cases, vision problems can also lead to crow’s feet, which is why you should always wear the correct prescription of contacts or glasses.  Sight is also directly related to the liver.


The relation to kidneys

Bags that appear under your eyes, especially in the morning and sometimes accompanied by swollen eyelids, are a symptom of an improperly functioning kidney, or saturated kidneys.  If that is your case, follow a few of these remedies:

  • Every day eat a bow of onion and parsley soup before meals.
  • Reduce salt consumption; try to substitute it with sea salt water (sold in diet stores).
  • Avoid flour and dairy for dinner.
  • Drink burdock, dandelion, and horse tail infusions.
  • Drink two glasses of water before breakfast and at least 2 liters by the end of the day.
  • Apply heat daily to the middle of your back.


Cucumber slices

Fresh cucumber slices produce refreshing and diuretic effects, making them a quick remedy when placed on closed eyelids.  They firm the area.  Let set for 5 minutes.

Green tea bags

After drinking a green tea infusion, save the bag in the fridge and use it as an eye mask for relaxing, reducing inflammation, and rejuvenating your eyes.  Allow to work until you notice they are no longer cold.

Rose hip oil

This oil is perfect for adult and dry skin, and it helps to prevent and fight all sorts of wrinkles, especially crow’s feet.  Apply two drops to the wrinkles twice a day, morning and night, and gently massage making small circles.  You could also gently press the area with your fingers.

This also helps to hide skin marks and small scars.

Facial self-massage

Every day you can give yourself a few simple massages that will not only improve the way your eyes look, but that will also help to relax your face and your appearance.

1. For starters, blink several times in a row and then strongly close your eyes.  Then relax.

2. Beginning on the insides of your eyebrows, apply pressure by making small, nearly imperceptible circles, and continue towards the outer area of the eye until reaching the end of your eyebrow.

Once finished, rub your hands to warm them and rest your closed eyes in the palm of your hand.

Photos courtesy of neuroticcamel, Chugy and neil-farnworth.