46 Reasons You Should Drink More Water

Just as a lack of water can cause dehydration, hyperhydration (excess water) can cause a sodium deficiency. The excessive intake of liquids in a compulsive manner is known by the name potomania.
46 Reasons You Should Drink More Water

Last update: 09 October, 2022

Although many foods are naturally rich in water, which contributes to our daily required intake, the majority of those foods contain preservatives, additives, etc., making them less water-rich than “completely natural” foods. Therefore, it is necessary to drink more water by itself every day.

Why you should drink more water

We can endure many days, even more than a week, without food. However, without water, we are a lost cause in a matter of a day or two. In this article, we will share with you 46 reasons to drink more water:

  1. Without water, there is no life.
  2. The comparative scarcity of water first suppresses and eventually kills some aspects of our bodies.
  3. Water is the primary source of energy in the body.
  4. It generates electric and magnetic energy inside the bodies cells that provides energy to live.
  5. Water is an adhering agent within the cell structure.
  6. It prevents damage in the DNA. Additionally, it makes repairing mechanisms more efficient. As a result, there is less abnormal DNA.
  7. The body uses water to transport all substances throughout the body.
  8. Water increases red blood cells’ effectiveness in gathering oxygen from the lungs.
  9. When water reaches a cell, it provides it with cellular oxygen. Also, it takes residual gases to the lungs so they can be released.
  10. It is a major factor in dissolving all foods, vitamins, and minerals. That is, the body uses it to help break down foods into small particles and eventually metabolize and digest them.
  11. Water energizes foods and particles of foods capable of providing the body with this energy during digestion.  This is why food has absolutely no caloric value for the body without water.
  12. Water helps increase the body’s rate of absorption of essential substances in foods.
  13. It helps prevent glaucoma.
  14. Water cleanses toxic residues from different parts of the body. Then, it carries them to the liver and kidneys so that they can be excreted.
  15. It is the best laxative for preventing of constipation.
    drink more water
  16. Water majorly increases the effectiveness of the immune system in the bone marrow, that is, where the immune system is formed. This includes its effectiveness in fighting cancer.
  17. Water normalizes the fabrication of blood in the bone marrow. Therefore, it helps prevent leukemia and lymphoma.
  18. Water is absolutely vital for making the immune system more efficient in different areas. As a result, it helps combat infections and fight cancerous cells.
  19. Water helps dilute your blood. It works with your circulation to keep things from settling and forming deposits in the bloodstream.
  20. Water diminishes premenstrual cramps and hot flashes.
  21. Water reduces the feeling of morning sickness during pregnancy.
  22. It thins the blood and prevents blood clots.
  23. Water helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and brain damage.
  24. Also, it prevents arterial blockage in the heart and brain.

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  25. Water gives us power and electrical energy for all our brain functions, especially for thinking.
  26. It is directly necessary to efficiently create all the neurotransmitters, like serotonin.
  27. Water is directly necessary for the production of all brain hormones, including melatonin.
  28. It can help prevent ADHD in kids and adults.
  29. Water does not only increase work productivity, but also increases your attention span.
  30. Water is better than any other drink in the world to wake us up. What’s more, it has no side effects.
  31. Water helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.
  32. It is part of brain and body functions. Thus, it increases your capacity to achieve goals and intentions.
  33. Water helps reduce addictive impulses, including those of caffeine, alcohol, and some medications.
  34. Water helps prevent memory loss as you age.  This helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

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  35. It restores your normal sleep schedules.
  36. Water helps reduce fatigue. As a result, it gives you youthful energy.
  37. Water makes the skin softer. Thus, it helps reduce the effects of aging.
  38. Water makes the eyes more lustrous and bright.
  39. Dehydration impedes the production of sex hormones. In fact, this is one of the main causes of impotence and the loss of libido.
  40. Potable water helps you differentiate between the sensations of hunger and thirst.
  41. As far as losing weight, drinking water is the best way to do so. Drink more water and lose weight without dieting. Also, you should not eat too much all at once when you feel hungry. In fact, you may just be thirsty.
  42. It is essential for cooling the body (sweating) and heating it (burning calories).
  43. Dehydration creates toxic sediment deposits in the tissue spaces, joints, kidneys, liver, brain, and skin. Water will get rid of those deposits.
  44. Water is the main lubricant in joint cavities. As a result, it helps prevent arthritis and back pain.
  45. Water is used in the spinal discs to form “water cushions to absorb impact”.
  46. The human body does not have water stored up to use if you are dehydrated. For this reason, you should drink more water regularly throughout the day.

So keep these reasons in mind, and drink more water every day!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.