Exercises to Eliminate Underarm Fat

We have to be consistent with the exercises on this list in order to eliminate the fat in our underarm area because it takes time to see results. Combine the exercises with cardiovascular routines in order to maximize the benefits
Exercises to Eliminate Underarm Fat
Carlos Fabián Avila

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Last update: 15 December, 2022

Though we can hide the fat that we have in our underarm area, we should do whatever we can to eliminate it and cross it off of our worry list. Read on to see how you can get rid of it starting today.

Exercises for eliminating underarm fat

Today, we’re going to take a look at some exercises to eliminate underarm fat. These exercises are quite simple and you can even do them at home. 

Some of the exercises require dumbbells. If you don’t have any, you can substitute them for some sandbags or bottles of water.

1. Knee push-ups

This exercises is similar to doing push-ups except that we support ourselves on our knees and use our own weight to bend our arms, then push ourselves up again.

However, for these push-ups, we’re going to add in some elements to make it a little harder.

  • After doing 10 or 12 knee push-ups, as described above, stretch out one of your legs.
  • Do the push-ups again and, after, use your other leg to support yourself and stretch out the other.
  • The last variation we want to share isn’t for beginners. Stretch out both legs and do regular push-ups. The lower you can go the better.
  • Whether you’re doing knee push-ups or regular push-ups, try to touch the floor with your chest. 

2. Lateral fly

Lateral fly

In the second exercise on our underarm fat burning exercise list, you’ll ideally have an inclined bench handy. You’ll also need some dumbbells.

If you don’t have an inclined bench, you can do the exercise on an exercise ball.

  • Lay down on the inclined bench and bring your arms to your sides, holding the dumbbells.
  • Your arms shouldn’t be completely straightened out, but rather, slightly bent.
  • Go back to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

3. Bent-over lateral raise

You’ll need to use dumbbells for this exercise as well.

  • To start, stand up straight with your legs slightly apart. Lean forward slightly.
  • With semi-bent arms, lift the dumbbells on each side as if you were trying to fly. You should feel it in your arms. You shouldn’t experience any tension in your neck.

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  • You can also do this exercise sitting on a bench, leaning forward slightly. However, it’s much more effective done standing.
  • Try doing 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps.

4. Dumbbell side lateral raise

Dumbbell side lateral raise

Our fourth underarm fat-blasting exercise calls for dumbbells as well. You can do this exercise standing or sitting. However, you’ll need space on both sides to raise your arms.

With a dumbbell in each hand, raise your arms to the height of your shoulders. You should only be moving your arms. Your shoulders shouldn’t move and you shouldn’t feel any tension in your neck.

Because it’s a difficult exercise, you can start with 7 to 10 reps in 3 sets. Over time, you can try to go up to 12 reps.

5. Side planks

The last exercise on our list isn’t just any plank, but a side plank.

  • To do a side plank, lay on one side. Support yourself on your forearm and lift your waist.
  • Try to keep your body in a straight line while keeping your waist from lowering. Place your other hand on your hip.
  • Try to stay in this position for as long as possible. Repeat 3 times and switch sides.

Underarm fat can be very uncomfortable

Fat in this area can be a source of great discomfort. If we try going strapless, or even just wearing a bra, we can see that fat squeezing out.

The exercises on our list to target underarm fat are great for getting rid of the fat in this area. However, you’ll also need to combine them with some cardiovascular exercises as well.

We should keep in mind that changes don’t happen over night. They require time, perseverance and little steps by doing each exercise, adding more reps, more weight…

You can do it!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.