An Exercise Routine to Reduce Breast Fat

These exercises should always be accompanied with a balanced diet. This is the only way to get a trimmer chest without putting your health at risk and ensuring good results.
An  Exercise Routine to Reduce Breast Fat

Last update: 24 August, 2022

There are a variety of exercises that can help tone and strengthen different areas of your body. And often, a particular type can contribute to the improvement of several muscle groups. This is the case with exercises if you want a trimmer chest.Below, we’ll tell you more about them and how to add them to your routine. You’ll see they aren’t difficult at all!

Exercises to reduce chest fat: Preliminary considerations

The exercises to reduce chest fat that we will present below can be practiced between 2 and 3 times a week. It’s recommended that you do three sets with 12 sets. However, you can add some more series if these fall short.

To perform some of these exercises you may need a ball or dumbbells. If you don’t have the latter on hand, opt for sandbags or water bottles.

1. Lying pullover

A woman doing exercise on the floor.

For the first chest slimming exercises, you’ll need a pair of dumbbells.

  1. Lay down on a flat surface (the floor or bench), looking towards the ceiling with your feet planted on the ground with your legs bent
  2. In this position, stretch out your arms towards the ceiling while holding on the dumbbells
  3. With your arms completely straightened, move them backwards, behind the top of your head
  4. Afterwards, bring them back to the starting position

2. Chest-level ball squeezes

A woman trying to have a trimmer chest.

You will need a ball for the second exercise. It can be big or small. The thing that matters is being able to hold it with both hands in front of you in front of your chest.

In this position, stand up with your legs slightly separated. You can also choose to do this exercise in a chair.

  1. Firstly, squeeze the ball with both hands as if you are going to pop it
  2. So, your hands should be open. In other words, you shouldn’t be using your fingers to grip the ball. Then, you should be holding the ball with the palms of your hands.
  3. Squeeze the ball for at least 10 seconds

3. Push-ups

A woman doing push ups to have a trimmer chest.

Push-ups are a well-rounded workout that exercise the arms, back, and chest.

They’re essential for strengthening the chest and slimming it down.

  1. Firstly, do this exercise by laying down on your stomach and placing your hands on the ground at shoulder width apart
  2. While maintaining the plank position, bend your arms to touch the ground with your chest and go back up

4. Dumbbell flys

This last exercise on our list calls for dumbbells. Ideally, you should lay down on a bench to do the flys. You can lay down on the floor if you don’t have a bench.

  1. Firstly, hold a dumbbell in each hand
  2. Then, open up your arms and stretch them out on each side of your body
  3. Raise your arms, keeping them straight, joining the dumbbells together in the middle, then slowly lower your arms again
A woman exercising at the gym.

Hypocaloric diet, rich in proteins and lots of water

Exercise routines must be accompanied by a diet focused on the goal of losing fat; for this, you need to reduce calorie consumption. Fruits such as pineapple, apple, and watermelon, among others, fill you up, and provide nutrients and few calories. In addition, they help to release toxins and, therefore, to lose weight.

But keep in mind that, when it comes to losing fat, drastic reductions are not advisable, and exercises under a hypocaloric diet do not have to be strong. Also, bear in mind that not going on a single-product diet or eating very low-calorie breakfasts.

In general, the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, skimmed dairy products, poultry, fish, and nuts is recommended, instead of red meat, sweets, and sugary drinks.

Protein should not be reduced and carbohydrates should make up 40% of the daily diet. On the other hand, reduce lipids but not eliminate them, and maintain fiber consumption, which favors intestinal motility and increases the feeling of satiety.

And of course, don’t forget: drink plenty of water.

Don’t forget about aerobic exercises as well

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends daily physical activity to maintain health, increase well-being and reduce the risk of developing diseases.

Although these exercises are great for slimming down your chest area, it’s also worth mentioning that aerobic exercise is also a great complement.

Even though aerobic exercise doesn’t always reduce fat in a specific area, it helps reduce the overall amount of body fat. So, by doing both kinds of exercises, you’ll get the results that you want.

It’s important to remember that slimming down the chest area is an especially slow and gradual process. Also, exercise is not enough because a proper diet is just as important.

If you really want a defined chest or want to trim down, then the exercises above can definitely do the trick.

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