Don’t Let Others Make You Feel Guilty

03 November, 2018
You are the only person with the right to make yourself feel guilty, so learn to set your boundaries with others.

If someone is making you feel guilty, watch out! You could be dealing with a person who wants to manipulate you for their own benefit.

Making someone else feel guilty is one of the easiest ways to get something done. Guilt has enormous power and can be used both for and against you.

Guilt is the feeling that makes you believe you’ve done something wrong, that you haven’t adjusted to what’s expected of you, and you need to fix that somehow.

Sometimes it humbles you and causes you to ask for forgiveness. Other times it makes you act in a way that benefits another person. But… what if it’s all a trap?

Manipulation that makes you feel guilty

Don’t Let Others Make You Feel Guilty

When you’re confronted with a manipulative person, they can make you feel guilty about what you’re doing. But most likely they don’t have any valid reason for causing you to feel that way.

For example, a manipulative person in a relationship can make you feel bad about spending time with your other friends.

This allows them to try to control you and also treats the person that they’re partnered with like a puppet.

Letting someone else manipulate you can make you feel bad, and when it’s constant over time it can damage your self-esteem.

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You might not want to admit that other people – whether it’s a partner, a family member, or a friend – can make you doubt what you’re doing, what you have the right to do, or what you like.

If you want to do something and others make you feel bad about it, it’s important to reflect on what you should prioritize and what you shouldn’t.

Other people aren’t always right

Don’t Let Others Make You Feel Guilty

The biggest problem with not questioning why others urge you to stop doing something because they think it’s wrong, is that it can make you feel guilty and that you have to provide an explanation.

Why are you doing this? Because you have the bad habit of depending on the approval of others and their opinions: above all, how the people around you make you feel.

If your partner makes you feel bad because you’re out with friends, you’ll stop doing it even if it hurts. The opinion of the person by your side matters more than your own.

This is something you need to recognize and overcome. In every relationship, it’s important to know how to set limits and identify what it is that you refuse to tolerate.

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Trust yourself

Don’t Let Others Make You Feel Guilty

It’s important to be clear so that no one has the right to make you feel bad when what you’re doing makes you feel good.

There are many people who tend to use others.

It’s up to you to prevent that from happening by imposing boundaries and being aware that the decisions you make aren’t in the hands of others, but your own.

It’s critical to start to trust yourself and let your own intuition guide you. Learn how to turn down the volume of all the voices around you on the outside.

What you want is what matters. What makes you happy is what counts. You don’t have to satisfy others and their desires, or what they think is right or wrong.

The only person that matters is you, along with what you want to do and when you want to do it.

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You’re no longer a small child at the mercy of powerful parents who tell you what to do.

Now you’re an adult with the power to make your own decisions, free to do what you want, even if other people judge you or don’t agree.

Don’t let them slow you down.