Crossfit Exercises for Kids: Discover the Benefits

Crossfit is a training method that has become widespread throughout the world. So much so, that we find Crossfit exercises for kids with outstanding physical and emotional benefits.
Crossfit Exercises for Kids: Discover the Benefits

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Do you want your child to start getting into sports? We recommend Crossfit exercises for kids, because it’s a training system that’s very beneficial for the little ones.

But before we get into the subject, do you know what Crossfit is? It’s a system of training and physical conditioning that includes functional movements that must be executed at a high intensity and constant variation.

The interesting thing about Crossfit Kids (the children’s version) is that it mixes disciplines such as Olympic gymnastics and running. It works with children between 4 and 12 years old. It differs from regular Crossfit in that the intensity level is minimal and the exercises take advantage of their body weight. In addition, they focus on improving motor action.

Physical benefits of Crossfit exercises for kids

The important thing here is that, while having fun, little ones start a routine that will provide them with physical and mental benefits. Crossfit for children focuses on play because later their trainers can guide them in routines that focus on strengthening muscles and joints. Some children may also take part in competitions.

As we’ve already mentioned, there are multiple physical benefits of the practice of Crossfit for kids. Through this method, they can even stimulate their physical capacities until adulthood, projecting themselves as high-performance athletes.

Crossfit exercises for kids.
Sports at any age are beneficial and, in children, the habit can carry on throughout adulthood.

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Increases aerobic capacity

Aerobic capacity comes into play when exercising for a long time and with medium or low intensity. Here, the body uses its carbohydrates and fats as a source of energy. So, with the practice of Crossfit, children increase their aerobic capacity. At the same time, it improves speed-agility indexes, muscular strength, and body composition.

It improves general physical condition

Crossfit exercises for children are functional and multiarticular. That is, they involve different areas of the body, exercising them at the same time. This influences the improvement of the general physical state, allowing for more complete development.

Promotes bone and muscle growth

Because children’s bones and muscles are still developing, Crossfit will help them stretch and have more strength for any activity. It also helps calcium bind easily and effectively to bones, increasing bone density.

Develops coordination

Crossfit exercises for kids also focus on knowing your body, its limitations, and its possibilities. The movements Crossfit uses help to develop coordination and psychomotor skills thanks to the combinations and variations that this method involves.

Prevents future injuries

By practicing Crossfit, children improve their strength. Based on neuromuscular mechanisms, muscles are able to release energy. In addition, this type of routine that includes strength at an early age decreases the incidence of injuries in future athletes.

Emotional benefits of Crossfit exercises for children

Crossfit for children involves fun group exercises that seek to get the little ones to work together to excel. Therefore, they obtain emotional benefits. Below, we’ll comment on the most important ones.

Releases energy

In some countries, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a very common mental health problem in school-aged children. This pathology leads children to present episodes of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, causing learning problems.

A good way to accompany the treatment of this condition is to use Crossfit exercises for children since they help to release and balance this energy overload. It reduces anxiety and increases the ability to concentrate and focus.

It creates discipline habits

Children who practice Crossfit develop habits of discipline that allow them to reach their goals. They learn to work to achieve a goal and understand that reaching their goals takes hard work, but isn’t impossible.

Improves sleep quality

As children grow, it’s essential to establish stable sleep patterns. Failure to do so can lead to them developing physical and emotional problems. Therefore, Crossfit exercises contribute to improving the quality of sleep after physical effort.

Develops self-confidence

Today, more than ever, exposure to social networks at an early age and bullying can lead children to doubt their bodies and abilities. However, practicing sports develops self-confidence by leading them to explore new capabilities, motivating them to achieve, and impacting their physical appearance.

Improves social relationships

For children, the relationship with their peers is very important. In fact, their future social bonding depends largely on it. Taking into account that Crossfit kids takes place in groups of children of the same age and promotes teamwork, kids can also improve the way they relate to each other. Without a doubt, this will be a great advantage for the adults of tomorrow.

A small girl pretending to lift weights.
Crossfit kids promotes physical and emotional development.

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General Crossfit precautions for children

A specialized trainer should always supervise the practice of Crossfit exercises for children. This is so that they can guide you on the proper way to execute the movements, avoiding bone, or muscle injuries.

It’s important for parents to inform coaches about the physical and psychological condition of their little ones. This way, they’ll be able to guide exercises that respond to individual capacities. It’s crucial that, until the age of 12, children don’t use weights so as not to put too much pressure on the developing bones and muscles.

As Crossfit is a method in which intensity is important, it’s necessary to establish if there are any possible cardiac or congenital illnesses to avoid future problems. If you aren’t careful, these illnesses can be fatal. This situation has even been detected in athletes of all kinds in the world, young and adult.

Crossfit exercises for kids: yes or no?

In this article, we’ve told you how Crossfit exercises for children enhance their skills and provide physical and emotional benefits. Now you can decide with more confidence if it’s the right way for your child to start a relationship with sport and healthy habits.

Remember that practicing sports or physical conditioning will greatly influence a child’s development. It’ll also facilitate their own perception or conception of the body in relation to space; a vital skill in all stages of life.

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